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Jeff Bryan

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Chaplain (Captain) Jeff Bryan, USA, “began his military career in 1991 as a Private (E-1). He served nearly five years as an enlisted infantryman with a brief stint as a field artillery canon crew member. His varied positions included the following: rifleman, grenadier, squad automatic rifleman, anti-tank weapons specialist, radioman, and machine gunner before completing his service in early 1996.

In the fall of 1996, Jeff met Dino Glassman, a street evangelist,  and prayed with him. Jeff accepted Jesus Christ into his life as his personal Lord and Savior. Over the next year he sensed God leading him towards full-time ministry. In 1997 he attended Central Bible College (CBC) in Springfield, Missouri, and graduated in 2001. After he graduated from CBC Jeff was involved in inner city volunteer work with the Los Angeles County Teen Challenge and also served in associate pastorships at New Life Assembly of God in Atchison, Kansas; Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Phillipsburg, Missouri; and National Avenue Assembly of God in Springfield, Missouri.

After completing a Master of Divinity at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Missouri, Chaplain Bryan reentered active duty service with the United States Army.  Chaplain Bryan is married and has one child.  His family lives with him at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.”  Chaplain Jeff Bryan is the author of Memoirs from Babylon: A Combat Chaplain's Life in Iraq's Triangle of Death.

According to the book description of Memoirs from Babylon: A Combat Chaplain's Life in Iraq's Triangle of Death, “America's unofficial nightmare during the Iraq War was the infamous Triangle of Death, sometimes referred to by Iraqis as the Graveyard of the Americans.  While serving in the Triangle, Chaplain Jeff Bryan ministered to a 1,200-man infantry task force, often while patrolling streets, fields, and villages as his unit cleared them in close-quarters combat. During the most violent and controversial phase of the war, Chaplain Bryan brought God to the American warrior. He witnessed life, death, and faith at every level, including a worst-case scenario in which several troops in his unit were ambushed and captured. Memoirs from Babylon is a dramatic account of humanity at its best and worst, a gut-wrenching experience of fear and faith under fire. Chaplain Bryan's story is a unique combination of life, leadership, military history, and God-centered hope in the midst of America's nightmare.”

One reader of Memoirs from Babylon: A Combat Chaplain's Life in Iraq's Triangle of Death said, “The story that Army Chaplain Jeff Bryan tells is a very personal account of not only his battles with how much war and death conflict with religion, but also the hard fought days all of us Polar Bears spent during our tour. This was really two stories, one of a man (Jeff Bryan) that was the cohesion so many soldiers looked for and Jeff's story of being a Army Chaplain in possibly the worst time and area of the entire Iraq campaign. I am proud to have been a Polar Bear, I will be a Polar Bear all my life as will all the men that served in 4-31. This book makes me even prouder to be a Polar Bear! Thank you for telling your story Sir!”

One reader of Memoirs from Babylon: A Combat Chaplain's Life in Iraq's Triangle of Death said, “Resiliency is the Army's new watchword. No matter how resilient a Soldier is, every deployment has trying times, for the men of the 4th Battalion 31st Infantry, Operation Iraqi Freedom was extremely trying. In these pages, the unit's Chaplain, Jeffery Bryan, has provided his personal perspective on both what it means to minister to men in combat, and what it takes for each to 'soldier on' in spite of loss and tribulation. As a member of the unit at that time, I too bear the emotional scars of the losses we faced. This book has been a great touchstone in my healing and I have faith that Jeff's words will be a help both to other Soldiers who face the ghosts of their deployments and to anyone seeking an honest perspective of the trials of combat.”

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