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Jarrel Newberry

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Captain Jarrel Newberry, USA (ret.) “is a retired U.S. Army Quartermaster Officer with an abiding interest in planet earth s seismic activity. His university major was food technology and commercial culinary art which were used in his award-winning military and civil careers. He is the author of several text books, one of which is the origin and development of food, titled, Human Food Evolution. His university minor was in seismology. World-wide military assignments have allowed him to study first hand the human misery resulting from volcanoes, tsunamis, geysers, and earthquakes caused by earth plate movements.” Captain Jarrel Newberry is the author of Day Of Reckoning: A 2025 Science Fiction Novel.

Day of Reckoning
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The MOAA said of Day Of Reckoning: A 2025 Science Fiction Novel, “A formula is discovered which, when injected along earth faults, controls earthquakes. This formula falls into the hands of a quake insurance-oil corporation, which secretly uses it to eliminate quake damage claims. The quake control leads to espionage, theft, fraud and murder. Later the process goes public by securing federal funding. This corporation also secures a contract to pump crude oil from the Alaskan Arctic Wildlife Refuge. After billions of tons of crude oil are removed it unbalances the planet which affects its rotation and survival. Eventually sea water is used to regain the lost balance and planet earth is saved.”

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