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James Winn

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James Winn “is one of the top U.S. trainers of Army intelligence analysts is taking his advice to the civilian level. As a Military intelligence expert James Winn shares how to improve lives and achieve success through realizing the power of subconscious talents and strengths. A leading Army intelligence war veteran and certified hypnotherapist, Winn became interested in the deep resources of the hidden mind after years of service in the U.S. Army, training analysts on essential survival skills, including how to think and adapt in any environment.”  James Winn is the author of Your Friend Jim: The Foundation.

According to the book description of Your Friend Jim: The Foundation, “James is one of the main trainers in the country, preparing geospatial intelligence analysts to serve and think in any environment. As a certified hypnotherapist and a teacher of universal laws, James has a unique way of influencing individuals and groups to achieve at optimal levels. James has had the opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge and his message to many people across America. He has a unique way of stimulating the thinking and actions of people as they struggle to cope with a changing world. As a keen observer of human nature and behaviorism, he points out amusing, instructive, and compelling lessons in life amid change! James lives in the high desert of Southern California with his wife, Mihaela. He has an ultimate goal to assist and serve others as they discover and utilize their talents to meet challenges and solve problems. He is here to enrich people's lives and help them fulfill their own dreams in the process.”


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