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James B. Motley

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Colonel James B. Motley, USA (ret.) “has published and lectured extensively in the field of national security. During his military career, he commanded Airborne, Ranger, and Infantry units; served as a political military staff officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense; with the Joint Chiefs of Staff; on the Department of Army Staff; and was a Senior Fellow at the National Defense University and with The Atlantic Council of the United States. A veteran of the Vietnam War (two tours), Colonel Motley's awards and decorations include the Combat Infantryman Badge, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star (3 awards), Purple Heart, Ranger Tab, Pathfinder, and Senior Parachutist Badges. A graduate of the Citadel, the author earned a Masters Degree from Florida State University and Ph.D. from the Catholic University of America. Colonel James B. Motley is the author of Spiritual Warfare: A Personal Journey; Beyond the Soviet Threat : The U. S. Army in a Post Cold War Environment; and, U.S. Strategy to Counter Domestic Political Terrorism.  He is also the co-author of The Soldier's Guidebook and Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Home: Checklists Against Crime.


According to the book description of The Soldier's Guidebook, “This is the guide to being a soldier in the U.S. Army. The Soldier's Guidebook answers your questions about Army life, traditions, history, awards, weapon systems, current trends, promotion policy, pay, education, retirement benefits, rank structure - and more. It's the only book that provides an up-to-date picture of all facets of Army life and all the practical information that a soldier needs to know from the day he or she considers joining the Army until discharge or retirement. It is the authoritative source for the person considering Army service, the new recruit, the seasoned veteran, and the interested civilian.”


According to the book description of Spiritual Warfare: A Personal Journey, “This book is a compelling, unique, creative, and insightful look into spiritual warfare - a war with God and Satan as the primary combatants. The author, a distinguished soldier-scholar, allows the reader a highly personal look into his past. Using language associated with the military profession, and scripture, he reveals his battles with Satan. Beginning with his rebellious teenage years, the author takes the reader on a reflective journey, to include his wartime experiences in Vietnam, and family crises of recent years to show the power of Jesus Christ in changing his life. The author's stories are powerful, moving and inspirational. They emphasize the importance of prayer, faith, and hope. A valuable, timely, well-written and highly readable book for those seeking insights into spiritual warfare, how it affects mankind and how one man has dealt with it.”

Spiritual Warfare
James B. Motley  More Info
The Soldier's Guidebook
James B.; Bluhm, Raymond K. Motley  More Info
U. S. Strategy to Counter Domestic Political Terrorism
James B. Motley  More Info
Beyond the Soviet Threat: The U.S. Army in a Post-Cold War Environment
James B. Motley  More Info
Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Home: Checklists Against Crime
James B. Motley  More Info

According to the book description of U.S. Strategy to Counter Domestic Political Terrorism, an “analysis by U.S. Army Colonel of U.S. policy, strategy, & organization for combating domestic terrorist activity. He offers pragmatic suggestions for improving the domestic antiterrorism program. Chapters include: the threat of domestic terrorism: nature & dimensions; combating the threat: unprecedented policy decisions; the antiterrorism program of the U.S. government; antiterrorist policy, organization, & strategy: a critical appraisal; the threatened role of intelligence in combating terrorism; the Hanafi Muslim incident: a case study of successful hostage negotiations; & coping with the future: recommendations for improvement.”


According to the book description of Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Home: Checklists Against Crime, “Motley, a security consultant and antiterrorist expert, worked with journalist Baron to create this checklist for self-protection while shopping, working, banking, studying, or traveling. The checklists are crammed with information, yet easy to read and consult when embarking on a new venture. Among the topics covered are frauds an employer should guard against, protection of a boat from theft, secure use of an ATM, and safe travel on public transportation. Chapters are devoted to the protection of children and elderly people from crime, abuse, and related hazards. Self-help at its most pragmatic.”

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