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James P. Meade

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James P. Meade, Ph.D., a Warrant Officer helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War, incurred a massive brain injury during a helicopter crash.  When he awoke from a 10 week coma, he had no memory of the first 19 years of his life.  James P. Meade is the author of Making Your Own Reality: A Survival Story.

According to the book description of Making Your Own Reality: A Survival Story, “Making Your Own Reality is a collection of the experiences that guided James Meade, Jr. from being an animal-like survivor of a massive brain injury to being a Ph.D in Psychology and an internationally-known speaker who has shared with audiences around the United States and the world. Dr. Meade has worked with brain-injured individuals and their families around the world and has seen people create miracles that even other professionals thought could never happen. Dr. Meade does not cure people but has watched people make their own miracles. Much of what he writes describes what he has experienced and seen changed his own life and the lives of others. Al Sibert, Ph.D, the author of The Survivor Personality, who wrote that Dr. James P. Meade, Jr., is a man who KNOWS what this is all about"

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