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James E. Johnson, III

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James E. Johnson, III, USA, “attended Columbus College, majoring in English. While taking a quarter off to work, he received his draft notice and went to Vietnam where he served with the 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds from April of 1967 until he was wounded by an enemy mine in July of that year. He lost his right leg above the knee. Upon his return, he continued his education and received Associates in Electronics Technology and Accounting. He currently is employed by a grill manufacturer in the Inventory Control Department. James E. Johnson, III, is the author of The Vietnam Worm.

According to the book description The Vietnam Worm” is a collection of stories based on the actual experiences of the author and the men he served with. The central character is Sergeant Tom Danville, a man fighting not only the Vietcong, but the combat sickness, ‘The Worm’, that is slowly and secretly invading his brain. From cobras and man-eating tigers, to dealing with incompetent officers and booby traps, the book tells of the daily life of Danville and his men as they strive to survive not only the horrors of war, but the transition of returning home to a country that neither appreciated nor understood the suffering and sacrifices they had made. The Vietnam War is all but forgotten now except by the thousands of men who were called and went, or volunteered because they truly believed it was the right thing to do. Many of these men still suffer now because they saw their duty and did it.”

The Vietnam Worm
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One reader of The Vietnam Worm said, “Jimmy Johnson has a hit with his first attempt at writing. He tells the truth with a splash of fiction in a series of short stories. Johnson's book is based on his time in Vietnam and the men he served with. The central character being Sergeant Tom Danville who had two enemies: Charlie and Combat Fatigue.  I liked this book because I was there with Jimmy and he has added one more chapter in history to what really happened in Vietnam.


Jimmy, has brought to light another reality in the lives of men who gave some and who gave all for freedom and democracy. Jimmy, though he writes in a strictly non-coincidental manner using fictitious names has actually put the face to many a forgotten real names and times as memories will be stirred but you won't stop reading.


I liked the book not only because I served with Jimmy in the 27th Infantry Regiment Wolfhounds but because the book is easy to read. The stories gives you the feeling of the emotions and the hardships his comrades faced in their day to day lives on the battlefield of Vietnam.”

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