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James W. Burke, Jr.

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James W. Burke, Jr., "served over 25 years in the Army, National Guard and Army Reserve. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and the Army Command and General Staff College. An amateur military historian, Burke is a Civil War re-enactor with Company K, 3rd United States Regulars. He volunteers as a mentor for the Wounded Warrior Mentor Program at Fort Eustis, Va. and currently resides in Williamsburg, Va."  James Burke is the author of The Weekend Warriors.

According to the book description of The Weekend Warriors, "It is the mid 1980's. Under a new president, the United States continues its post-Vietnam withdrawal from the world stage. Domestic affairs are the Administration's priority, and international affairs are given short-shrift. In Western Europe, this disengagement of the United States causes turmoil and indecision. The Soviet General Staff observes these conditions and sees an opportunity in the West's disarray. They believe that one strong, overwhelming offense, launched violently and without warning, would overcome NATO's defenses before the alliance could react. Once the Soviet forces seized their objectives in West Germany and the Netherlands, NATO would be forced to sue for peace on Soviet terms. Even if the United States could react to the offensive its support would never reach the battlefield in time to affect the outcome. And once the Soviet forces held their ground, the demoralized people of Western Europe would never rally for a counter attack. To meet this threat and support its allies, the United States is forced to mobilize large numbers of Reservists and National Guard troops. These men and women, who expected to serve only support roles, never to be on the front line, must stand in the battle line alongside their active duty counterparts to defeat the Soviet onslaught and repel the invaders."