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James Bradley

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Chief Warrant Officer (3) James Bradley, USA (ret.), joined the US Army at the age of 17 “and became a Recon-Scout, after a short tour with the 82nd Airborne Division.”  James Bradley volunteered for service in Vietnam.  During his 23 year US Army career he had numerous assignments and saw service in two wars.  James Bradley said, “I went back to school (nights, weekends, holidays) and in time I became a EMT, a Paramedic, a Nurse and then a Physician Assistant. I went from being a high school drop out (when I joined the Army) to obtaining 5 college degrees (2 graduate).”  An avid parachutist, he said, “I made 432 jumps in 20 years and only had to use my reserve parachute three times.” James Bradley is the author of Good, Better, Best: From the Streets of Brooklyn to the Jungles of Vietnam; Words of the Warrior; and PVT. Rooney. He is also the editor of Sky Soldiers 173rd Airborne Brigade (3rd Edition).


According to the book description of Good, Better, Best: From the Streets of Brooklyn to the Jungles of Vietnam, “Growing up in Brooklyn, Rooney thought he was prepared for any experience or adventure that a war in S.E. Asia could bring. However, the innocence of youth is bliss, and his plan for life takes many twists and turns in Good, Better, Best. As he and his Airborne brothers face life's uncertainties together they live out a story of hardships, humor, and the ambiguities of life for American teenagers embroiled in war during one of the most controversial times in American history. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, but these events did happen and all the characters are real.”

Good, Better, Best: From the Streets of Brooklyn to the Jungles of Vietnam
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Words of the Warrior is a collection of poems James Bradley brought back from Vietnam. PVT. Rooney is the prequel to Good, Better, Best.

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