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Jack Lewis

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Staff Sergeant Jack Lewis, USA, was “Born in Portland (Oregon) in 1964, he is a middle-aged curmudgeon of catholic writing proclivity. Jack holds a BA English cum laude from Washington State University and an MFA in screenwriting from the University of Southern California. He wears thick glasses, drinks Ardbeg, owns two motorcycles and a chainsaw, and prefers slip-on shoes. He lives with his wife, young daughter and two large dogs in a small house just north of Seattle.” 

Jack Lewis said of his military service, “served as team sergeant to Tactical PSYOP Team 1291, a slice of Tactical PSYOP Detachment 1290 from the 361st PSYOP CO (Tactical), 12th PSYOP Battalion (Moffet Field).  We were deployed to NW Iraq for OIF III from summer 2004 through summer '05, first supporting 2nd Infantry Division's 3-2 SBCT, then 1-25 SBCT from 25th ID.  Along the way, we also supported Task Force Freedom, MNCI, the National Guard's 81st BDE.”  Jack Lewis is the author of Nothing in Reserve: true stories, not war stories.

According to the book description of Nothing in Reserve, it “invites the reader to an intimate glimpse of one middle-aged soldier's journey to Iraq and back. True stories set in wartime, these are not war stories. Jack Lewis offers an unexpectedly vulnerable glimpse into one of the timeless tests men have faced: going to war, and returning home.

While the veteran will find honesty and truth within, this book is accessible to the uninitiated as well. Early stories give an authentic but often funny glimpse of military life, building to a crisis of personality all too common among returning soldiers. Exploring the universal human question of how we move through our lives, acknowledging mortality and pain without becoming lost within it, Jack shares with us his own journey toward elusive redemption.”

Nothing in Reserve: true stories, not war stories
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One reader of Nothing in Reserve said, “Jack Lewis' raw, emotional, honest portrayal of his experiences at home and in Iraq left me humbled. Humbled by his service, which he downplayed (to little effect with me). Humbled by his honesty (I know we all wonder if we can cut it, but to actually admit it, write it and DEAL with it? wow). And most of all, humbled by his talent. The boy can write.

If you are looking for a red-white-n-blue portrayal of war, you need to refine your search. If you are looking for soul-baring honesty and some of the 'truth' of combat, then buy this book. Read this book... and wonder if you could take that same journey and be able to open up the way this warrior has. I have been reading his OP'Ed's for years and am glad he has entered the e-book realm. He is a great talent.”

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