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Jack Grubbs

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Brigadier General Jack Grubbs, USA (ret.) enlisted in the United States Army in 1959. He was commission in 1964 and retired as a Brigadier General in 1998.  He “continues to develop stories about the best and worst of the human condition. His technical degrees from West Point, Princeton University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute provide a backdrop of engineering principles as for his novels.”  Brigadier General Jack Grubbs is the author of Bad Intentions and The Dryline: A Seiler Murder Mystery.

According to the book description of The Dryline: A Seiler Murder Mystery, “Luling, Texas, once known as the “Toughest Town i n Texas,” gets tougher when all hell breaks loose in this second installment of the Tom Seiler mystery trilogy by Jack Grubbs. The Dryline opens with Tom Seiler helping his brother, Don, with the final design of an oil extraction system potentially worth billions. When one of Don’s workers is found dead on the outskirts of Luling, a chain of events pits the brothers against a group of ruthless oilmen bent on stealing the patent to their design. Surrounded by danger, Tom and Don have no option but to fight for the system—and their lives. Set among the gentle, rolling hills of South Texas, The Dryline explores the vagaries of nature, the one-of-a-kind Luling Watermelon Thump, and the struggle between justice and revenge. The ending, vicious and lightning-quick, will leave the reader parched—ready to drink deep from the font of Grubbs’s imagination.”

According to the book description of Bad Intentions, “Tom Seiler has vices and virtues. He drinks, swears, and often struggles with his perception of revenge and justice. But the former NASA design engineer also sees life in simple terms - right is right and wrong is wrong. An expert at all things mechanical, Seiler and his family are drawn into a dangerous conspiracy involving a tractor-trailer collision killing four siblings in the small town of Alvin, Texas. During his analysis of the accident, he methodically discovers that a powerful Houston attorney, in a pre-tort reform strike at the trucking industry, planned and orchestrated the murders. The stakes in Bad Intentions are immense - an up side of a quarter of a billion dollars or a down side of lethal injection at The Walls prison in Huntsville, Texas. Geographically stretching from Houston to the beaches of Indianola, Seadrift and Port Aransas, Texas, Bad Intentions weaves a captivating tale of terror and ultimately carries Tom into a life and death struggle at an abandoned airstrip. He complicates matters during courtroom litigation with his stunning accusation that the attorney has committed murder. Caught in a maelstrom of complicity, Seiler's major adversary makes a final, fatal, decision. And the story's gripping end leaves a tantalizing opening for future confrontations.”



One reader of Bad Intentions said, “This story grabs you from the opening page as the events of a horrific accident on a lonely Texas highway unfolds in an unstoppable, excruciating manner. Reminiscent of early Grisham, "Bad Intentions" offers a twist to the typical courtroom drama. Instead of the usual super-crusader lawyer, Grubbs offers up a former NASA design engineer as the hero of his compelling tale. An expert in accident-reconstruction, engineer Tom Seiler is a likable, beer-drinking everyman with a talent for explaining the complex world of physics, stress and gravity in a riveting manner. His star-worthy performance on the witness stand commands the jury's (and the reader's) rapt attention.


When Tom is brought in to investigate yet another highway fatality, he begins to suspect it is more than just a wrongful death accident caused by negligent driving. A family of four is dead. Could an 18-wheel rig hauling tons of steel pipe have deliberately been used as a murder weapon? Readers will stay up late laboring along with Tom to unravel the mystery as more people die along the way. Grubbs has set this page-turner in the Houston-Galveston Bay area, and his colorful characters are spot on. "Bad Intentions" is an impressive debut.”

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