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Ian McDevitt

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Ian McDevitt is a former U.S. Army Airborne infantry officer (reserves) who currently works for a hospital-based paramedic service in northeastern Connecticut. He is a graduate of several advanced tactical and wilderness medical schools and has been a street paramedic for 12 years. Ian McDevitt is the author of Tactical Medicine: An Introductory To Law Enforcement Emergency Care.

One reader of Tactical Medicine: An Introductory To Law Enforcement Emergency Care said, “I serve as the Medical Director, ALS provider, and entry medic for a four county, seven agency regional tactical LE organization, as well as direct and respond with 3 EMS agencies and 1 SAR unit. In addition to this, I also currently serve as Medical Director for the Nebraska Panhandle Public Health Board and as Physician Representative for the Nebraska Panhandle Trauma Board. I also serve as Medical Director for the national SAR team in Belize, Central America, and consult for that government regarding prehospital & village care issues. I have 25 years experience in military & civilian TEMS, EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, & Technical Rescue. With that said...Focusing on LE & urban TacMed, as opposed to military tactical medicine, it provides an excellent overview of the state of the art as it is understood today. This is not a comprehensive textbook of medical care that takes you from square one, but instead teaches the unique priorities, techniques, and equipment needed for this environment. As such, it either will be an overview and motivator to go and get training for those without a background in field medicine, or a specific reference for those with prior medical experience wanting to make the transition to the tactical environment.


It will also be an excellent resource for those needing ammo to take to Administration. It is small enough that an administrator could read it, if you can find one that can read. Seriously, this is going to be a handy reference for explaining the tactical medical environment to those not familiar with the concept, and immediately absorbable by those with prior medical training. It’s a welcome addition to the sparse field of tactical medicine reference material. To criticize this book for being "anecdotal" is to miss the point. It was intended to be such. This is not a text. It's an introduction and overview, illustrated by what works for the author. And anyone who feels that the material presented does not reflect mainstream thinking in the TEMS community, isn't in the current mainstream. This material represents cutting edge thinking, rather than the static material and curriculums still being taught in too many programs.”

Tactical Medicine: An Introductory To Law Enforcement Emergency Care
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According to the book description of Tactical Medicine: An Introductory To Law Enforcement Emergency Care, “An experienced street paramedic gives a detailed crash course in the administration of emergency care under the most life-threatening conditions. Tactical Medicine is an excellent introduction to providing critical medical care when lives hang in the balance - both yours and your patients'. Learn the three stages of tactical medicine; the vital priorities of administering first aid under fire; the realities of setting up an efficient triage system; the must-have equipment and supplies for a tactical medical kit; the best methods for transporting your gear while on the scene; the differences between law enforcement and military field care; and much more. Whether you are a medic assigned to a SWAT team or military unit, an EMT thinking of entering police work or just someone who is interested in this dynamic field of medicine, you will benefit from this book.”

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