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Hugo W. Matson

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Lieutenant Colonel Hugo W. Matson, USA (ret.) “retired from the Army in 1972 and from business in 1996.”  Hugo W. Matson is the author of Last Chance for Redemption; The Sun Never Sets in July; The Hollow; Deep Game; Charlie Robinson's Revenge; Never A Hero Except to His Dog; and, Killer's Gift.


According to the book description of The Sun Never Sets in July, “When Eddie Maakinen went to Finland in 1949 as an exchange student, he never expected that the young woman he met and loved would be the cause of his becoming a spy. For the Soviet Union!”


According to the book description of The Hollow, “To the people of Crescent Hills the Hollow was a collection of tar paper shacks and squatters. When Jed Morris V showed up with a document as the heir to the Hollow settled by the first Jed Morris back in the 1700s, Cory Masterson found himself reluctantly involved in the Hollow and the Morris family. But that was just the beginning of his problems. Cory found himself fighting for his life when he uncovered the real background of Jed Morris.”


According to the book description of Deep Game, “Retired Master Sergeant Cory Masteron, a recovering alcoholic, returns home to settle his father's affairs and to confront his sister's unsolved murder. He didn't expect to end up in a fight for his life against members of a drug and dog-fighting ring.”


According to one reader of Charlie Robinson's Revenge, “In a world where there are so many specialties, it is nice to sit down and read a well written novel. Matson is a great story teller. His dialogue is his strength. The characters are real.”


The MOAA said of Last Chance for Redemption, “Cory Masterson, retired Army veteran had misgivings about taking custody of the kid, Jerry Swain, a high school dropout, runaway, skinhead; born fatherless; his mother in jail on a drug charge. But when Josh Billings told Cory that Jerry’s father had died in Vietnam saving his patrol and was awarded a medal for valor, three months before Jerry was born, Cory felt he had no choice. But could he and Sue make a difference? Were they prepared for the baggage Jerry brought to their home? This is the fifth novel in a series centered around the fictional town of Crescent Hills, New York.”


According to the book description of Killer's Gift, “Leonard Grissom never had a problem killing. Not since Vietnam when he crawled into the tunnels after the VC. He made a deal with Sarge. If he would bring Mickey to the states, Leonard would become his main man. When Leonard wanted out, both his life and Mickey’s was endangered.”

The Sun Never Sets in July
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Deep Game
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The Hollow
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Last Chance for Redemption
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Charlie Robinson's Revenge
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Never A Hero Except to His Dog
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Killer's Gift
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