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George R. Mauldin

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Colonel George R. Mauldin, USA (ret.) “served in the U.S. Army for 32 years and retired in 1992 as a colonel. He served two combat tours in Vietnam, and also served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990-1991. He spent over seven and one-half years in the Middle East and North Africa. His last assignment on active duty was to the U.S. Army War College as the Director of Middle East Studies. He has an insatiable appetite for hunting and fishing, and enjoys the pursuit of the outdoor life from his home in Tennessee.” Colonel George R. Mauldin is the author of Your Sons – My Soldiers – Our War: A Vietnam Commander’s Struggle.

According to the book description of Your Sons – My Soldiers – Our War: A Vietnam Commander’s Struggle, “In October 1968 Captain George Morgan is about to embark on what he considers to be the best job in the U.S. Army-commanding a rifle company in combat. At age 27, he will be referred to as "The Old Man" by the soldiers under his command. He is already a seasoned veteran of service in Vietnam and is now returning for a second tour of duty in what has become an increasingly unpopular war in the U.S. During this assignment, Morgan acquires a keen sense of responsibility to his unit, which calls itself "Charlie Hunter", and to the men who serve in it. He develops a special bond with many of his men, and one in particular-a young Mexican who is nicknamed Mouse.

Your Sons -- My Soldiers -- Our War: A Vietnam Commander's Struggle
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The story takes this unit on many dangerous missions and recounts the bravery and compassion of the soldier called Mouse. In the course of operations, the unit comes into contact with a mysterious Vietnamese woman, who eventually brings the commander to Saigon. That visit draws the captain into the realm of espionage and subterfuge and culminates with him on stand-by to lead a mission to rescue the Vietnamese woman. While leading his men on combat missions, Captain Morgan becomes increasingly disillusioned with the war and finds it more and more difficult to justify America's presence in Vietnam to his subordinates; yet, he must continue to set the example and project the image of the stalwart commander.”

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