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Gene P. Abel

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Colonel Gene P. Abel, USA (ret.) “earned a B.S. from Penn State in finance/economics and an MBA from Lehigh University.  He was a distinguished military graduate and received a regular army commission as a second lieutenant in the field artillery branch of the Army in 1963. Abel served as a nuclear weapons officer in Germany and a member of the nuclear release authority that begins with the President and ended with Lt Abel. Upon the completion of his tour in Germany, he spent two years as a finance officer at Ft Lewis, Washington. After four years of active duty he accepted a reserve commission as a Captain in the Army Reserve and left active duty in 1968.

Colonel Gene P. Abel remained in the Army Reserve until 1993 and retired at the rank of Colonel.  He is a graduate of the Army War College and was awarded numerous medals including a Meritorious Service Medal on two occasions.  He was promoted to Colonel after only 19 years of service and was nominated for promotion to general officer soon after completing the Army War College.” Colonel Gene P. Abel is the author of Four More For George W: What could this mean to you?; and, George W. Bush Robin Hood For The Rich.

According to the book description of George W. Bush Robin Hood For The Rich, it “is intended to help the reader become better informed about the issues that face America. It looks at the approaches the Bush administration has taken and looks at their impact on our country. The book provides suggested alternatives to deal with the mounting number of important issues that will impact our lives. The final section includes over 50 proactive and often humorous Blogs the author has offered. George W. Bush Robin Hood for the Rich is a comprehensive quick read that for some will provide answers and for others stimulate further questions and controversy. The book draws from more then 40 nationally renowned sources.

The author, Gene P. Abel brings a successful and diverse educational and professional background to his analysis of the Bush policy.  Mr. Abel has a formal education that includes a bachelor’s of science degree and a master’s degree in business administration.  He has 30 years as a highly successful business executive in both the private and public sectors overlaid with his 30 years service as a commissioned officer in the United States Army and Army Reserve. Mr. Abel graduated as a Distinguished Military Graduate from Penn State and spent 5 years on active duty as a Regular Army Officer and 25 years as an Army Reserve Officer.  He completed the Army War College in 1985 and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal on two occasions.  He had such diverse assignments as nuclear weapons officer to finance officer.  He retired as a Colonel in 1993.

Four More For George W?
Gene P. Abel  More Info

George W. Bush Robin Hood For The Rich: Some call you the haves and the have-mores I call you my Base, GWB October 20, 2004
Gene P. Abel Colonel USAR Ret.  More Info

He is listed in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in Finance and was certified for Senior Executive Service with the Federal government.  He has written other books as well as scores of analytical articles which have been published across the country.  He participated in grassroots politics in the 1970s as a Republican committee person and chaired the campaign of his state representative.  He has a keen interest in our political process and is glad to offer his perspective on how the significant policy changes of President George W. Bush will impact you and your children in the years to come.”


The MOAA said of Four More For George W?: What could this mean to you?, “The book examines 10 policy areas of the Bush Administration to help determine if President Bush should be reelected. Abel brings his military and business experience as well as the opinions of knowledgeable experts to evaluate the Bush policies. He asks 15 questions for the reader to answer.”

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