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Frank Mosco

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Frank Mosco “was in fact the last Ghostrider of record when the famed 189th Assault Helicopter Company was deactivated in Vietnam March of 1971. Following his discharge from the regular Army Frank enlisted and served as a member of the very first National Guard Special Forces unit.” Frank Mosco is the author of The Last Ghostrider; Monkey; and, The Whitemoon Crisis.

According to the book description of The Last Ghostrider, “A hilarious yet tragic book of war. THE LAST GHOSTRIDER follows the haphazard life and times of Army enlisted man Vincent Fusco during the years 1968 to '71 as he somehow manages to wade through the often incoherent reasoning and random events of military life and war. From his humorous stateside antics to the strange reality and unforgettable heroic characters of the chopper war in the central highlands of Vietnam. An American G.I.'s saga that is of interest not only because of its revealing story but in the frank, humorous, and candid style in which it's told.”


One reader of The Last Ghostrider said, “one of the most compelling stories I have read in a long time!! some of the wording was so true!! and believable!! so outstanding!! so far I have read all of Frank Mosco’s books and have enjoyed every one of them! Thanks Frank for being such a outstanding author!”


According to the book description of Monkey, “Winner of the 2008 DIY National Book Festival Award for Fan Fiction, this book rolls with entertainment and takes you where you least expect to go. In 1933, following the release of the movie KING KONG, the soul survivor of an encounter with the real great ape imparts his secret to two young men. Armed with the old sailor's map, an arsenal of weapons, a desire to prove themselves, and a three-masted barkentine, fifteen members of the Princeton University Rugby Club eagerly embark on a search for adventure and riches, collecting along the way a Chinese Rhodes Scholar, an Australian girl Rambo, a jungle boy prone to profanity, and a tribe of alcoholic natives. Not to mention a 30 foot gorilla with an identity problem. A journey of discovery far exceeding anything they would have expected with an unimaginable outcome. Full of old fashion appeal with contemporary twists and endearing characters, this award winning book is a must read for classic adventure and KONG fans everywhere.”

The Last Ghostrider
Frank Mosco  More Info

Frank Mosco  More Info

The Whitemoon Crisis
Frank Mosco  More Info

According to the book description of The Whitemoon Crisis, “A chilling story of terrorism on a scale never before imagined! A tale of intrigue and suspense, which draws you into a world of wondering - could this really happen? This fictional suspense thriller introduces Commander Ramsey Lightner, Pentagon Navy Intelligence Officer, who facing the threat of world war, uncovers a multi-layered conspiracy of power and destruction that reaches from the Caribbean to the balmy tourists town of St. Augustine, Florida, and beyond to the highest levels of government in Washington, DC. This novel of intrigue contains all that a reader expects of a suspense novel in the tradition of Ian Fleming. Written in 1982 and originally published in 1986, THE WHITEMOON CRISIS has proven to be an intense preview of events of our new century, raising the question and challenge of how to defend against the exceptional resourcefulness of hate driven terrorism. A must read for those who enjoy this genre of literature.”

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