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Eric Jubb

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Eric Jubb "spent over fifteen years as a helicopter pilot in the Army. When an illness, including a near-death experience, forced him to resign his commission, Jubb returned to the Montana wilderness he loved.  Most recently, Jubb worked for a defense manufacturing company. He is an avid fly fisherman, lives in Polson, MT with his wife, and has six children and eight grandchildren."  Eric Jubb is the author of a Dire Wolf: a Novel.

According to the book description of Dire Wolf: a Novel, "A gripping tale of hunting a wolf pack that has returned to their genetic origins, the Dire Wolf due to a misstep in breeding attack dogs. The reader feels the horror and suspense of the hunt. The tragedy of defeat and the exhilaration of success as the reader follows John Johnston through the wilds of Montana in pursuit of the wolf pack.

John Johnston, a Staff Sargent medic attached to a Special Forces A team. During a firefight in Afghanistan he is grievously wounded saving the life of his platoon leader. After a long recovery at Brooks Army medical center John is medically discharged and returns home to Montana. Johns brother Toby looses his dog during a camping trip with the Boy Scouts to a wolf pack. John begins to hunt the wolves only to find that he needs to get additional information about the wolves from an expert, a professor at the University of Montana. During the winter the wolves develop a liking for cattle and begin terrorizing the flathead, mission and swan river valleys. The Forest Service begins to hunt the wolves only to be thwarted by the extremes of the winter weather. The State of Montana hires a professional hunter to exterminate the wolves, but gets killed in the pursuit. A relationship develops between John and Beth, the University professor. They jointly begin to follow the wolves and document their findings. They discover that the wolves are poisonous with saliva that has hallucinogenic properties. After John and Beths marriage, Beth looses a hand during a camping trip to a wolf. While Beth is in the hospital, John teams with his old First Sargent and hunts the wolves across the Great Bear wilderness area."

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