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Edward D. Miller

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Colonel Edward D. Miller, USA (ret.) is the author of Off Ninety-Five.  According to the book description, “Charlie Merrill finds himself inside the circle of a top-secret weapons development team. After taking an unusual route in search of adventure to inspire his writing, Charlie ends up at the headquarters of a government initiative to develop African Driver Ants into weapons. A retired army officer, he serves his country again in a new role where he deals with espionage and top-secret government work and where he meets a new love.”


According to one reader of Off Ninety-Five, “Solid characters and dialogue accent the lavish scenery and exciting storyline. I found this book to be one those you just can't put down-it grabs and holds your attention, entertaining you all the way. The story takes place in the 1960's and the Federal Government is into some exotic test programs to help win the Vietnam War. With much the same "feel" as an Area-51 thriller, this story takes the reader into the mindset of the military at that time. Since the author is a retired U.S. Army Colonel, he adds just enough twists to keep a reader wondering "what if." The journey you'll take through the pages of this book will provide you with hours of sincere pleasure. I recommend it most highly.”

Off Ninety-Five
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