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Donna McAleer

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Captain Donna McAleer, USA, graduated West Point in 1987, and served as an Army officer in a variety of leadership positions in Germany. She left the service in 1991 to pursue an MBA at the Darden Graduate School of the University of Virginia and a career in the private sector. Captain Donna McAleer is the author of Dress Gray: A Woman at West Point.

One reader of Dress Gray: A Woman at West Point said, “I bought this book for my niece to read several years ago. It is soiled and stained now, having been through the hands of MOST of her friends, guys and girls! It is an exciting read, one that my husband, who had been in the Army, enjoyed as well as non-military readers like my niece’s friends. I KNOW it inspired her to follow her dreams and not be stuck in the stereotypes others make for women. Captain Peterson (now a Major) is a wonderful christian role model as well ! Also, if you send her a request, she will send you an autograph you can attach to the book (or send her the book with return postage like I did!). I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to feel good about their country again, or for any young person thinking about attending a service academy! Well written!”

Dress Gray: A Woman at West Point
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One reader of Dress Gray: A Woman at West Point said, “I am a Court-at-Law Judge who just came across a copy of this book in a library recently and thought it looked interesting. That was an understatement! This book was well written, funny, thought provoking and entertaining. In fact, it was written so well that at times I felt as if I was actually there watching these events unfold. When I finished the book, I felt as if I had just graduated from 4 years at West Point. A marvelous effort for a first time author. This book should make Oprah's Book Club! Bravo and 5 stars!”

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