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Don Bendell

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Criminal Investigation Detachment #3: Bamboo Battleground
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Detachment Delta
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Criminal Investigation Detachment
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Criminal Investigation Detachment #2: Broken Borders
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Criminal Investigation Detachment #3: Bamboo Battleground (Criminal Investigation Detachm)
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Matched Colts
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War Bonnet (Signet Historical Fiction)
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Chief of Scouts
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Justis Colt
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Blazing Colts
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Snake Eater
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Horse Soldiers (Chief of Scouts)
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Colt (Chief of Scouts)
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Valley of Tears
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The B-52 Overture.
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According to the book description of Broken Borders, “Military intrigue ensues. After Major Bobby Samuels and Captain Bo Devore foil an airborne hijacking, they uncover an Al-Qaeda plot in which terrorists are using the Mexican-American border to enter the U.S. But their goal is not infiltration-it is destruction. Destruction carried in two "backpack" nuclear bombs.”

Harriet Klausner said of Bamboo Battleground, “Al Qaeda apparently has expanded its operational base with new training facilities in the Far East. Their strategic plan is to use these bases as a jumping off point to test the resolve and strengths of America and its Pacific allies. They are getting bolder with each successful terrorist attack on American interests and are considering an assault on a West Coast city that will turn Katrina and 9/11 into minor footnotes.

US Senator James Weatherford is outraged by al Qaeda's attacks. He demands the military prevent any further ones although he disguises his reason in patriotic generalities; in fact each incident costs Weatherford millions as he has made a fortune working the Pacific Rim. The Pentagon always salutes a member of Congress so the brass assigns US Army CID undercover officers Major Bobby Samuels and Captain Bo Devore to investigate. They begin to uncover two things: the planned al Qaeda terrorist attack on American soil and Weatherford's questionable and probably illegal partnership with former Communists.

The third CID thriller (see CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DETACHMENT and CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DETACHMENT: BROKEN BORDERS) is an action-packed tale that has the heroes dodging assassins on two continents. The story line is action-packed as their case gets increasingly complicated and making less sense with each clue they uncover requiring out of the military crypt thinking; which is why Major Bobby and Captain Bo were assigned lead. Don Bendell has written an exhilarating anti-terrorist thriller that showcases how difficult it is to prevent an attack even with dedicated intelligent people doing their best.”

Don Bendell is a former United States Army Special Forces captain, he served in Vietnam (1968-1969); including a tour on a Green Beret A-team (Dak Pek) in Vietnam.  Don Bendell is a “7th degree black belt Master in 4 different martial arts and black sash instructor in Muay Thai, Don is a 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall of Fame and 1996 inductee into the Martial Arts Museum of America and owns and operates 2 successful karate schools in southern Colorado.”


The author of over 20 books, he has written under the pen name of Ron Stillman. Don Bendell’s books fall into four genre: Westerns; Modern Thrillers; Vietnam Era Novels; and, science fiction.  Don Bendell is the author of Chief of Scouts; Horse Soldiers; Colt; Coyote Run; Warrior; Justis Colt; Eagle; Matched Colts; Blazing Colts; War Bonnet; Criminal Investigation Detachment; Broken Borders; Bamboo Battleground; Crossbow; The B-52 Overture; Valley of Tears; Snake-Eater; Tracker; Green Lightning; Blood Money; Black Phantom; Firekill; and Death Hunt.


According to the book description of Criminal Investigation Detachment, “CSI meets the U.S. Army in an all-new series. Major Bobby Samuels is part of the Army's specialized team of detectives known as the C.I.D. And when he's sent to Iraq to investigate a series of explosions, he learns that on this battlefield, the enemy isn't the only thing that can kill you.”


According to a reader of Criminal Investigation Detachment, “At Fort Benning, Criminal Investigation Detachment Major Bobby Samuels successfully completes a disgusting case involving a commanding officer abusing his position of authority to almost rape a direct-reports enlisted soldier. After reading the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) rights to Colonel Rodriguez, Smith leaves Fort Benning to return to his duty station the Pentagon. Bobby thinks his late wife would have supported his return to active military after 9/11 as a CID cop, having been an LAPD civilian homicide detective, and not a Special Forces soldier as he was during his first tour.


Commanding General of the US Forces in Iraq Jonathan Perry briefs Samuels on his next Top Secret assignment. Samuels is to go undercover as an enlisted man to investigate several bombs that killed Americans in the Baghdad Green Zone and other locations in Iraq. Working undercover he must identity the Saboteur who probably is an Al-Qaeda operative working inside.


Criminal Investigation Detachment is a terrific look at the work of the CID, insight into the UCMJ, and from a military perspective the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) especially in Iraq. Though prejudiced on the side that the war in Iraq is just and part of the GWOT (reminiscent of Sergeant Barry Sadler's Ballad Of the Green Berets), the story line is action-packed as Major Samuels tries to uncover who the saboteur is. The hero is a fabulous ethical patriot trying to do the right honorable thing for his country and for the military. Readers whether they agree with Don Bendell's position on Iraq or not will agree that he has written a delightful military police procedural that provides insight into those who really have sacrificed plenty during the GWOT.”


According to the book description of Bamboo Battleground, “The Criminal Investigation Detachment returns-to stop a traitor. Al-Qaeda has moved its training facilities from the Middle East to the Far East-and is testing American forces for weakness all along the Pacific Rim. But when undercover operatives Major Bobby Samuels and Capt. Bo Devore are sent to investigate, they uncover a secret that leads right back to the halls of power in Washington, DC.”


One reader of Blazing Colts said it “was an awesome book. It had tons of action in it. I thought it was cool how everyone was afraid of the main character Chris Colt too. Blazing Colts was definitely the best western book I've ever read that's for sure. An excellent book, everyone should go pick up a copy!”


According to the book description of War Bonnet, “The eagerly anticipated close to a thundering saga of a remarkable family. Deputy U.S. Marshal Chris Colt turns in his badge when his pursuit of an outlaw results in the death of an innocent bystander. Despite his retirement, his fame draws desperadoes into his path, itching to trade lead with the legendary chief of scouts. And when Colt's sister is kidnapped by a gang of outlaws and held for ransom, Chris has no choice but to buckle on his holster one last time--not for justice, but for family honor.”


Publishers Weekly said of The B-52 Overture, “war memoir covers the little-known activities at Dak Pek, an isolated corner of Vietnam inhabited by the Montagnards, mountain tribes people who were exploited and hated by all Vietnamese, and, according to former Special Forces Captain Bendell ( Crossbow ), saved by the American Green Berets. Dak Pek served as a base for U.S. border operations into Laos; thus, the North Vietnamese and local Vietcong targeted it, eventually taking over the camp but perishing in a B-52 carpet bombing strike. Bendell's stories of combat and life at Dak Pek are dramatic.....and glean some insights into the brave, fierce Montagnards, many of whom fought with the Americans. Bendell describes the history of the Montagnard resistance movement and confesses to childhood dreams "about being the white man taken in by a proud tribe of warriors"; he took a Montagnard lover and now serves as an adviser to the movement.”

According to the book description of Detachment Delta, “They are First Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta…also known throughout the world as Delta Force. Handpicked from the elite warrior cadres of the American military—Green Berets, SEALs, Army Rangers—they are trained in SWAT operations, hostage rescue, covert tactics, raids, assassinations, all forms of enemy disposal. They possess a license to kill with full immunity for their actions. Charlie Strongheart is a Lakota warrior to the bone—and a member of Detachment Delta. His assignment is to enter Iran and eliminate an up-and-coming terrorist before he poses a threat. But when Strongheart is betrayed by those he thought he could trust, he finds himself alone in the heart of the beast.”

On reader of Detachment Delta said, “Having read all of Don Bendell's novels I can knowingly say this is the best of his works to date. He gives the reader an exciting dose of up-to-the-minute action and adventure yet blends in sufficient historical fact, military equipment descriptions, political wrangling and top secret activity to enable us to fairly well grasp exactly what our modern elite American Warrior is all about. At several times I had tears in my eyes thinking what it would be like to stand by these characters during various events as they raced across the pages of this too short a novel. Charlie Strongheart of our American Delta Force is the lead character. His upbringing as a Lakota Warrior makes him especially interesting and admirable. As is said by several other characters, this guy is ALL MAN in every way especially when behaving as a true gentleman. He embodies the character, courage and confidence we hope to instill in our children, male and female alike. Fila Jannat, the female lead and Charlie's partner for an upcoming suicide mission, is likewise a modern day American Warrior of whom we can be very proud. She embodies the values and traits we wish for our daughters. She and Charlie make quite a team. I can't wait to read Mr. Bendell's follow-on titles in this series and sincerely hope there will be dozens of them forthcoming. The reader should check out the person of this author to better understand the mindset which sourced this tale.”

According to the book description of Bamboo Battleground, “The Criminal Investigation Detachment returns-to stop a traitor. Al-Qaeda has moved its training facilities from the Middle East to the Far East-and is testing American forces for weakness all along the Pacific Rim. But when undercover operatives Major Bobby Samuels and Capt. Bo Devore are sent to investigate, they uncover a secret that leads right back to the halls of power in Washington, D.C.”

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