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Don Arndt

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See the Dragon
Don Arndt  More Info

According to a reader of See the Dragon, One Wolfhounds Vietnam’s Story, “I read the book in two settings, and would recommend it to all citizens of the United States, particularly those who like me never served in a war. I was only 4 when Don was sent to fight, and I did not even have any family members of age who served in that war either, so I never learned firsthand about the Vietnam War. While the book takes you back to that war unlike anything I have ever heard or read, I still can't even begin to imagine how difficult and impossible it would have been to have actually lived it.”

Don Arndt served in the US Army, 25th Infantry Division (Wolfhounds).  His service included a tour in Vietnam.  Don Arndt is the author of See the Dragon, One Wolfhounds Vietnam’s Story.


According to the book description of See the Dragon, One Wolfhounds Vietnam’s Story, “How could such a small portion of a man's life affect him so much? What can happen to a man in only two years that could so profoundly reshape the entire rest of his life? Why can't a soldier just forget it and let it go? I did hold it in and kept it mostly out of mind for decades. I've asked myself those questions, and my friends have asked that of me too. I have no answer except to understand that for those few months, every moment was so intense and so emotionally filled that it somehow burns into a man so deep that it becomes like a scar on the inside, but not visible on the outside.”

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