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Corey D. Roberts

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Captain Corey D. Roberts, USA "is currently employed by the Monticello Police Department in Monticello Iowa where he has been an officer since Jan 2006.  Corey is assigned to full-time patrol.  As an additional duty he was assigned to the multi-jurisdictional Jones County Emergency Response Team (JCERT) as the team Training Officer in 2008, responsible for all team training and equipment.  Corey was promoted to the position of Tactical Commander in early 2010.  In mid 2010, Corey was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a Brigade Operations Officer.  Corey also serves his local community and his church as a member of a church security team of a large congregation and trains security personnel for the ministry as an outreach to other churches.

1n 1993, Corey joined the Iowa Army National Guard at the age of 17 following his father’s footsteps.  He began as an enlisted soldier and worked his way up to Non-Commissioned Officer.  In 1998 Corey was selected for and attended the Officer Candidate School at the Iowa Military Academy and graduated in 1999.  Corey chose to postpone his Commissioning and as a Sergeant, was deployed to Montana in 2000 to battle the wildfires in the western mountains of the state.  

In 2001, Corey took his Congressional Commission as a 2nd Lt in the Armor Branch and joined a Cavalry Unit in the state of Iowa.  Corey attended the Armor Officer Basic Course in Ft Knox KY in 2002 and graduated in early 2003.  Following graduation from the school, Corey was deployed as a Platoon Leader of Reconnaissance Scouts to Kosovo in support of the NATO Peacekeeping Operation.  During this time he and his troops were assigned to work with a Coalition of International Forces and Corey was a Forward US Commander under a Swedish Battalion.

Upon return, Corey held positions of Tank Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, Squadron Logistics Officer, Brigade Plans Officer, and Brigade Liaison Officer.  Corey was deployed in 2010 to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Corey currently serves as a Brigade Current Operations Officer in the 2nd Brigade, 34th Infantry Division.”  Corey D. Roberts is the author of The Pack Mentality and the Leadership Lessons of Ike.

The Pack Mentality and the Leadership Lessons of Ike
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According to the book description of The Pack Mentality and the Leadership Lessons of Ike, “In the world of Law Enforcement we are the protectors, the defenders, the warriors against the evils of the world. We are the pack of Sheepdogs, searching out what goes bump in the night and confronting the wolf. We must identify with the Alpha Dog if we are to lead this group of dedicated warriors in the pure and honorable fight.

Corey D Roberts has dedicated his life to being a Sheepdog and has served in leadership roles in the US Army, in Law Enforcement, and in the private sector. Ike was a border collie, a constant presence during Corey’s formative years and a great example of leadership for us all. Ike was the Sheepdog, he was the Alpha Dog.

The Pack Mentality and the Leadership Lessons of Ike takes the lessons of the Border Collie and his dedicated pack of sheepdogs and applies them in a practical way to the leaders of our brave men and women in Law Enforcement. These practical and often hard learned lessons can direct you to the path of a true leader, an Alpha Dog.”


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