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Charles Toftoy

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Dr. Charles Toftoy "has worked in the military, corporate, and academic sectors. He was a US Army airborne ranger and infantry officer, and a highly decorated Vietnam veteran earning two purple hearts.  He has a doctorate in strategic planning, an MBA from Tulane University, and a BS in engineering from West Point. In the corporate world, he served as General Manager for Raytheon Service Company, Director of Marketing for Lear Siegler, Inc., and President of PATCH Associates, among others. At George Washington University, he served as the director of the Entrepreneurial Small Business Program and taught at the undergraduate and graduate level in The Business School.

Dr. Charles Toftoy has received numerous academic, corporate, and military awards and honors and currently serves as a business strategies advisor to several local companies in Arlington, Virginia."  Dr. Charles Toftoy is the author of It's in the Eyes and Eyes Of Cold Case Killers.

According to the book description of Eyes Of Cold Case Killers, “University professor and sometimes sleuth, Lars Neilsen, along with his highly skilled Alpha Team are together again to help local police solve cold cases. They pursue an intelligent, vicious murderer, Taurus, who has at least 20 cold cases to his credit. Greater Washington, DC residents are on edge as the entire nation watches. Taurus baffles the police as he commits one horrific murder after another, spreading fear along the way. This book is a sequel to "It's In The Eyes.”

According to the book description of It's in the Eyes, “It's spring in Washington, DC - a beautiful time of year in the nation's capital, yet its citizens are uneasy. Their heightened restlessness is reminiscent of the recent 9/11, sniper, and anthrax scares. But this time the enemy is a psychopathic killer responsible for the deaths of four local university co-eds - raping and murdering them using rituals practiced by the Thuggees, killers for the Goddess Kali who were responsible for the deaths of more than two million travelers in India in the 17th and 18th centuries. It's up to Lars Neilsen, a college professor and part-time sleuth, and his highly skilled Alpha Team to find out who is committing these atrocious murders. But Lars and his team are in for a few nasty surprises along the way.”



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