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Burke Toliver

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Lieutenant Colonel Burke Toliver, USA is an Army bomb disposal officer who served in Operation Desert Storm, where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.  He continues to serve in the Reserves and received the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for a tour in Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Burke Toliver is the author of Adak and Cubane.  


According to the book description of Adak, “Former EOD officer Brick Revloc is a savvy, scrappy little guy with a penchant for getting into — and out of – tough situations around the world. From the Gulf War to a remote Aleutian island, he uses resourcefulness and his bomb disposal expertise to thwart Iraqi terrorists and North Korean special operations forces.”


According to the book description of Cubane, “It's 1997, and former Army bomb disposal officer Brick Revloc-a savvy, scrappy little guy-is in trouble again. While investigating an old military firing range deep in the north Maine woods, he stumbles upon a training camp where members of the Irish Republican Army are preparing for a campaign of terror on the British mainland. With the help of a sophisticated American businesswoman, they are able to manufacture the world's most powerful high explosive. With his friends held captive and subjected to torture, Revloc quickly acts to thwart the IRA's plans and later escapes to convince the FBI that the reign of violence must be stopped.”

Burke Toliver  More Info

Burke Toliver  More Info

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