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Bob Lanzotti

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Lieutenant Colonel Bob Lanzotti, USA (ret.) “attended the University of Illinois on a football scholarship during the years 1955-1960. He was commissioned into the Regular Army in 1960 and retired as a lieutenant colonel 25 years later. In the Army, Bob was an Airborne Ranger and a Master Army Aviator. He has over 1000 hours of combat helicopter flying time and holds numerous military awards for heroism and meritorious service.”


Lieutenant Colonel Bob Lanzotti is the author of Cook to Score and Flying through the Years: A Trilogy of Short Tours and Collection of Short Stories.


According to the book description of Cook to Score, “Does the man in the picture bear any resemblance to Robert Redford? Tom Selleck? George Clooney? Brad Pitt? Answer is No, No, No, and No! And if you are a woman the answers would have been NO, NO, NO, and NO!! This man, the author of this book, has long realized that he would need an edge if he ever intended to attract those women men describe as head-turners. And if you like wise don’t remotely resemble those aforementioned names, perhaps you too are looking for an edge. If so, congratulations! You, old chap, have found it! The pages between these covers promises you an opportunity to turn back the covers for that head-turner of your dreams. Cook to Score is your playbook of recipes for more amour than you could ever dream of. So, go directly to the cash register, then go home and study your playbook, and soon you will be mimicking Hank Williams Jr.’s Monday night tune. Are You Ready For Some Scoring?”

Flying through the Years
LTC (Ret.) Bob Lanzotti  More Info

Cook to Score
Bob Lanzotti  More Info

According to the book description of In Flying through the Years: A Trilogy of Short Tours and a Collection of Short Stories, “Bob Lanzotti provides his memoirs as an Army helicopter pilot during three overseas tours, all conducted during the turbulent decade of the sixties. Each tour, one to Korea and two to Vietnam, contains at least a score of short stories. Lanzotti begins with his often humorous reflections as a fledging new aviator in Korea. As the book progresses, so does Lanzotti’s aviator experience level and job responsibilities, culminating with his command of the Crimson Tide, a Chinook unit within the 1st Cavalry Airmobile Division. His stories recurrently pay well earned homage to the achievements of the men he served and flew with during what he recalls as his greatest adventure.”

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