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United States Army

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An Alphabetically listing of United States Army Soldiers whose last name begins with the letter L.

Jim Lacey
Kevin Lackey
Tom LaCombe
Ralph W. Landre, Jr.
Roland Everett Langford
Patrick B. Langley
Michael Lee Lanning
Bob Lanzotti
Bill Laurie
Tony Lazzarini
Robert N. Leary
Edward F. Leddy
Gregory D. Lee
Heidi Lee
Wayne Lennon
Jack Lewis
Clayton Lindemuth
Douglas J. Lising
Gordon S. Livingston
John D. Lock
Paul Lococo
Jack Woodville London
William F. Long
Mark Lowry, II
Latoya Lucas
Don E. Lucier
Arthur M. Luckenbach
Jack R. Lundquist



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