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Tom Wilson

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Tom “Bear” Wilson was a career United States Air Force Officer with 3000 hours of flying time, mostly in fighters. During his 500 hours of combat flying, he earned four Silver Star Medals for gallantry and three Distinguished Flying Crosses for heroism. He also served in various roles as instructor, flight examiner, tactician, staff officer, and unit commander. After leaving the military, Tom Wilson enjoyed diverse careers, including: private investigator, gunsmith, newspaper publisher, and manager of advanced programs for a high-tech company in Silicon Valley. Tom Wilson is the author of: Black Wolf; Final Thunder; Desert Fury; Black Canyon; Black Sky; and, Black Serpent.


According to the book description of Black Serpent, it “is set in Northern California, and opens with a scene showing blood-thirsty pirates taking over a fortune in gold that's being transported by coastwise schooner (from mines farther up the coast) to San Francisco. The bad guys are renegade Indians, Russians, Mexicanos and whites (all true), members of a bloodthirsty and terror- instilling group called Sociedad Serpientes.”

According to the book description of Black Sky, “Teeming with helicopters, brutish thugs and tomahawk-waving Indians, this thriller takes readers on a gripping, and rather gruesome, journey through the Northwoods of Michigan and Wisconsin. When Spirit Lake reservation tribal leader Senator Eddie "Little Turtle" Adcock turns up dead, rumors surface that the revered deceased may have stolen Indian artifacts. Officials from the Weyland Foundation, an organization dedicated to making the world a better place, believe the accusations are bunk, so they dispatch agent Link Anderson, a half-Blackfoot Indian. Soon after Link arrives at Spirit Lake, he learns of the Chicago crooks who have overrun the reservation and who terrorize the local people, and he realizes that the only way to clear Eddie's name is to bring down the mob. Tribal council member Jenifer Toussaint joins him in his quest and, eventually, a band of Manido-Ojibwe warriors makes a stand as well. Wilson writes with authority, and his theme of Native-American exploitation echoes throughout.”


According to the book description of Black Canyon, “A millionaire's daughter has vanished in the Colorado Mountains. At first, Link's job looks like a simple case of search and rescue. But when he realizes that an international criminal is also looking for the girl, he's caught in the middle of a terrible game of cat and mouse.”


According to the book description of Desert Fury, “A decorated war veteran accepts a job with a private foundation that protects the country from outside tyranny. His first assignment is to hunt down a rogue FBI agent who has been turned by the Russians. With the help of a beautiful geologist, he must also locate a missing author on nuclear arms waste. Together, they uncover a conspiracy that explains both the motive of the ex-agent and the disappearance of the author--a secret stash of plutonium hidden in the desert. Now they must find a way to stop the agent's attempt to exact revenge on the foundation which may have deadly results for many!”

Black Sky
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Final Thunder
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Black Serpent
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Black Canyon
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Desert Fury
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Black Wolf
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According to the book description of Final Thunder, “A plane crashes in the remote Utah desert, setting off a search for survivors--and a desperate bid to recover a top secret document one of them was carrying. Potentially devastating to the security of the U.S., the document is also the object of a search by a band of international terrorists. It is a race that only one side can win.”


According to the book description of Black Wolf, “Link Anderson, a Native American veteran of the Gulf War, is called into service to help locate a terrorist known only as "Ghost." As Link is drawn further into the case, he realizes a strong bond exists between him and the terrorist--a bond which threatens to reveal a devastating secret from Link's past. From the author of Tango Uniform and Termite Hill.”

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