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Tom Kovach

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Staff Sergeant Tom Kovach, USAF, joined the United States Air force in 1975.  He began his military service as a mainframe computer operator and later entered the field of Air Force law enforcement and security. A distinguished graduate of NCO leadership school, Staff Sergeant Tom Kovach is the author of Slingshot.

According to the book description of Slingshot, “Today's hot topics are: terrorism, politics, illegal aliens, and the military. Investigative columnist Tom Kovach went to the scene of a Nashville vehicle bombing, and found evidence that was missed by the police, firefighters, and Federal agents. Was it domestic terrorism? Do you want to know why Wesley Clark can't get elected president? WHY are the Islamist terrorists SO dedicated to their cause? Did the Brown Berets really shoot down a police helicopter? You can know the answers to these questions, and many more, if you read Slingshot. In addition to hard-hitting factual material, this book contains special "inside" notes, and some surprise material. (Do you like cowboy poetry?) You've never read a book quite like Slingshot.

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