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Thomas Mangan

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Captain Thomas Mangan, USAF (ret.) is a freelance writer who lives in Brockport, a beautiful Erie Canal village in western New York. He has more than forty years experience writing about everything under the sun - high tech equipment, movie reviews, obituaries, politics, research papers, software, and speeches. He also writes on online column for He's a Vietnam Veteran, who is passionate about veteran's issues."  Thomas Mangan is the author of Who Are Those Guys?

According to the book description of Who Are Those Guys? "It can be used as a handbook for people who dont know anyone whose name is on the Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It is also an excellent resource for schoolchildren who visit the Wall during a class trip to Washington. Walking along the Wall looking for the name of someone you know is a totally different experience from just walking along the Wall. Before you go to the Wall, or the Travelling Wall, look through the stories in Who Are Those Guys until someones name, story, place of residence, or birthday catches your attention. Who Are Those Guys gives you the opportunity to learn something about someone whose name is on the Wall, so that when you walk along the Wall, you will be looking for the name of someone you know, instead of just walking along the Wall."


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