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Thomas Kaye

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Master Sergeant Thomas Kaye, USAF (ret) is the author of S.A.C. Great Years.  According to the book description, it “follows the hilarious misadventures of a young man from Pennsylvania as he joins the Navy at 17, is stationed in Florida, discovers first, motorcycles and then girls.  He purchased a home at age 19 (which he still owns today). But, finding civilian life lacking in the camaraderie of the military, and missing his beloved planes, only six months after his Navy discharge he reenlisted in the military (this time in the Air Force), ended up in the Strategic Air Command (S.A.C.), traveled from Florida to Europe and then to tiny Midway Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean during his 20 years of service.


Throughout the book, not only do "TK" and his motorcycle buddies learn and grow in their careers, they also mature into men and the stories of their exciting, ridiculous, and sometimes unbelievable adventures of their leaves, daily lives, and the women they encounter make for easy reading and lots of laughs. Master Sergeant Thomas Kaye's first-page "WARNING" says it all: "This book is NOT politically correct... [this book] relates to the bare facts. If you are shy or faint of heart, this book is not for you."


The 210 page book conveniently includes a Glossary as well as "TK"s personal definition of the "Cold War" and his moving dedication to the officers and men of the Strategic Air Command which shows his pride of serving with the SAC division (now part of the Air Mobility Command) as well as his loyalty to his fellow servicemen and the love of his country.”

S.A.C. Great Years
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One reader of S.A.C. Great Years said, “I served with Tom Kaye at Brize Norton AB England, Westover AFB Mass, Homestead AFB Fla, and have known, worked with, trained, and partied with him since 1958. His representation of the Strategic Air Command and the military in general is a hoot. He tells it like it is...or rather...was. I do recommend this book to all who have served in any branch of the military and in any capacity. We were all young once and this book lets us revisit some of those 'moments' of our past.”

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