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Susan Grant

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Susan Grant is a “RITA award winner, New York Times best-selling author, USAF veteran, 747 airline pilot, and mom.”  Susan Grant is the author of The Warlord's Daughter; Moonstruck; How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days; My Favorite Earthling; Your Planet or Mine?; The Scarlet Empress; The Legend Of Banzai Maguire; The Star Princess; Contact; The Star Prince; The Star King; and, Once A Pirate.

According to the book description of The Warlord's Daughter, “The war is finally over. But Wren's life is in tatters. The only living offspring of the notorious Drakken Warlord, her genes could very well start a new dynasty of terror. And the Coalition can't have that. She alone holds the key to finding a legendary treasure. Having seen enough bloodshed, shy, petite Wren vows to destroy it before anyone, Drakken, Coalition or Earth, can get their hands on it - but she'll need help. The Drakken's ruthless evil turned Aral toward the Coalition years ago. War is all he knows, until he finds passion and love in the most unlikely of women - the Warlord's Daughter. But will trusting each other with their secrets risk not only their hearts, but their lives?”


According to the book description of Moonstruck, “Peace was for little girls and Coalition starship admiral Brit Bandar was one tough woman. A mere intergalactic treaty could never get her to trust the Drakken Horde. There was too much bad blood between the Coalition and the Horde and, for intensely personal reasons, Brit wasn't sure that she was through spilling it! But now a peaceful accord had made Finn Rorkken, a notorious Drakken rogue, second in command on her starship, and through some grand cosmic irony front and center in her thoughts...and her heart.”


All About Romance said of The Star King, “Susan Grant's second novel, proves that her first terrific romance, Once a Pirate was no fluke. This is an author who writes romantic and exciting books that conjure up exotic locales and peoples. Grant is equally at home creating an advanced civilization light years away as she was conjuring up a pirate's ship off the coast of Spain, and that's no small feat. Author Grant is masterful in her creation of the Vash culture where religion, politics, and commerce are seamlessly related. Readers will pick up subtle similarities between the upbringing of Vash royalty and some Arabic cultures, and Sharron and his cult will bring to mind the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinri Kyo. And, anyone who remembers Luke's blindfolded laser-sword training will recognize Grant's homage to George Lucas in the scene where Jas and Rom play a game with sens-swords in he dark. As heroic characters, Rom and Jas simply shine. Both are complex and strong individually, but as a couple, they are fantastic. Descriptions of what Jas sees throughout her travels are extremely well done - the other-worldly is easily visual in Susan Grant's words. There are some wonderfully funny moments as well - a hulking bodyguard with a name that is guaranteed to make you laugh, and a running gag involving beer. If you're looking for some excitement and adventure, The Star King will provide it.”


Publishers Weekly said of Your Planet or Mine?, “Although the book's goofy cover art screams "D-grade syndicated sitcom," fans of Grant's action-packed interstellar romances (The Scarlet Empress, etc.) would do well to remember the old adage that you can't judge a book by its cover. Fueled by suspense and a sweet, playful romance between state senator Jana Jasper and Cavin Far Star, a human soldier from a distant planet, this colorful tale defies categorization. It starts out tender and whimsical, with hero and heroine connecting as children during Cavin's brief visit to Earth. Then, after the two meet up 20 years later, the story takes a decidedly Terminator-like turn, as the couple find themselves on the run from a bioengineered assassin and on a mission to save Earth from alien invasion—all while keeping Jana's political reputation squeaky clean. The story runs short on energy midway, bogged down by a transparent subplot involving a group intent on ruining Jana's political career. But once the race to save the planet starts up again, readers will rocket through to the book's pat but satisfying conclusion.”


According to the book description of How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days, “He was armed. He was dangerous. And for 10 days he was hers. Question: Where's the best place to hide an interstellar fugitive? Answer: Suburbia His internal computers are offline, his former employers want him dead and the Men in Black are after him. Without his cyberpowers, Reef is as weak as a lowly Earthling. He's tried to kill every human he's met -- so why on Earth would they help him?  Evie Holloway needs a bodyguard! Her fledgling chocolate business is mistaken as a money-laundering scheme for the mob and the bullets have started flying. But does the suburban soccer mom really want to shelter the alien hit man who almost offed her future brother-in-law? She is desperate, and Reef is incredibly sexy. "Ten days," she tells him -- but it turns out that ten days might just be long enough to spark a love that's truly out of this world.  "I believe this is Susan Grant's best book to date! She took one of the most dehumanized assassins and actually humanized him and what a great job she did! Whew! Evie is one lucky woman!" --managing editor, The Best Reviews "With her unique blend of science fiction and romance, Susan Grant has created another exciting and touching story. I've loved the character of Reef since her first in the series, Your Planet or Mine and was very excited to know that she was writing his story. Reef has an interesting, tortured past and his chemistry with Evie is nothing short of steamy.”


Booklist said of The Scarlet Empress, “in the fast-paced conclusion to the five-part 2176 series featuring two female U.S. Air Force pilots shot down on routine patrol and put into suspended animation for 170 years, Cameron "Scarlet" Tucker awakes in a primitive Mongolian village with one goal--to find her missing captain. Bree Maguire, meanwhile, has been on the run from both Prince Kyber, who initially restored her to life and has now captured Cam, and the forces of the U.C.E., imperialistic successor to the U.S., which has declared both pilots traitors. Joining forces with navy commando Ty Armstrong, she is aided in her efforts by an underground resistance movement aiming to restore freedom and democracy to the people of the U.C.E. Grant's futuristic military romance demonstrates her trademark qualities of humor, passion, and devotion to duty and also presents a riveting David-and-Goliath conflict. Especially timely in view of current events, The Scarlet Empress offers a thrillingly pointed reminder of the cost of freedom and the continuing sacrifices required of those who value liberty.”


According to the book description of My Favorite Earthling, “Even a goddess can have a bad day. Keira, warrior-queen of the galaxy, is as famous for her beauty as she is for avoiding marriage. But when an upstart little planet called Earth threatens her world with its fleet of spaceships, the fate of her people lies in her hands. She must bind herself to a barbarian from the rogue world-or face the destruction of her own! She's what he never knew he always wanted. Confirmed bachelor Jared Jasper knows that the trick Earth pulls on the alien invaders isn't a permanent solution. What they need is a peace treaty. It just never occurs to him that he will wind up on the bargaining table. Playing the pushover groom to a mouthy alien babe who knows how to use a plasma sword is not exactly his idea of fun. But with six billion people depending on him, he doesn't have much choice-sleep with the enemy...or bring on interstellar war. Strange bedfellows? You bet. But this alliance may turn into a romance the likes of which this galaxy's never seen.”


One reader of The Star Prince said, “Ian Hamilton is the son of Jas from The Star King, he's been picked to be his stepfathers successor as king of the galaxy and is trying to prove himself worthy....Tee is a Vash princess who is soon to be betrothed to a man she met only once as a child and is wanting her freedom. She loves to fly and has taken piloting lessons on the sly when her father finds out and he says she can never fly again so she runs away...She ends up becoming the pilot for Ians' ship although they are both using false names to conceal there identities...Ian is on the trail of a US senator who is out to end Earth's alliance with the Vash Federation. I thought it was a wonderful story, action packed SF with a great romance......There's also a touching secondary love story between older characters Gaan and Lana ....if you like SF, romance, paranormal romance or romantic suspense I think you'll love The Star Prince. It was story that kept me up late into the night; until I finished reading as I couldn't put it down....highly recommended!”

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Your Planet or Mine? (Otherworldly Men, Book 1)
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My Favorite Earthling (Otherworldly Men, Book 2)
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Publisher’s Weekly said of The Star Princess, “Los Angeles filmmaker Ilana Hamilton, a secondary character from Grant's futuristic aviation romance The Star Prince, takes center stage in this simple yet spirited love story, but it is her alien counterpart, Vash Prince Che Vedla, who truly shines here. Strong, honorable and adorably strait-laced, Che will do almost anything to ensure the welfare of his people, even submit to an arranged marriage. While his counselors select his bride-to-be, he hies off to Earth. The traditionalist Vash people have long believed Earthdwellers to be "barbarians," but that doesn't stop Che from seeking out Ilana, sister to the B'kah crown prince. Marriage to Ilana is out of the question, however, since he's in the market for a placid Vash bride and she isn't searching for a mate at all. Inevitably, their feelings for one another intensify, but someone in the Vedla household is determined to spoil their happily-ever-after. The scenes in which Ilana introduces Che to human delights like corn nuts, carnival rides and movies steal the story, though Grant also pens some titillating love scenes. Readers who like their romances sprinkled with sci-fi elements will embrace this book, as will those who prefer exotic protagonists and offbeat settings.”


Publisher’s Weekly said of Once A Pirate, “Fans of high-sea adventures will enjoy Grant's debut time-travel romance. Grant's background as a U.S. Air Force pilot brings authenticity to her heroine, Carly Callahan, who ejects into the sea 1,200 miles off the coast of Spain after her plane malfunctions. When she is rescued, she finds herself in the early 1800s. Her savior is pirate Andrew Spencer, who mistakes her for Lady Amanda Paxton--his intended kidnap victim in a plan for exacting revenge against the man who destroyed his family. While not strictly accurate, Grant's descriptions of life on the high seas give a taste of the buccaneer's life, good and bad. Carly's assimilation into the 19th century is evocatively portrayed, as are the strong chemistry between the two and Andrew's reluctant acceptance of Carly's true identity. The subplot of those trying to retrieve "Lady Amanda" ties in with the drama in the opening gambit: Will Carly return to the future, and, if she does, what will happen to her and Andrew's love? Grant's novel creates a satisfying ending that, with a little suspension of disbelief, holds up to scrutiny.”


According to the book description of Contact, “From the winner of the 2002 Daphne Du Maurier award for romantic suspense comes a new tale of intrigue and passion where an airline pilot on a trans-Pacific flight finds her 747 hijacked by a UFO and a mysterious member of their crew the only one she can trust.”

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