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Robert L. Hecker

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Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Hecker, USAF (ret.) “was born in Provo, Utah but grew up in Long Beach, CA. Graduating from high school just as the US entered WWII. Enlisting in the Army Air Corps, he flew B-17s in thirty missions over Europe, earning five Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross. After the war he began writing radio and TV dramas, then moved on to writing and producing more than 500 documentary, educational and marketing films on subjects ranging from military and astronaut training, nuclear physics, aeronautics, the education of Eskimos and Native Americans, psychology, lasers, radars, satellites and submarines. His short stories and articles have been published in numerous magazines, and he is currently working on several movie screenplays as well as other novels. A graduate of the Pasadena Playhouse School of Theater and the Westlake College of Music, recently Robert has begun song writing and has songs in country, gospel and big-band albums.”


Robert L. Heckler is the author of: Murder by Proxy; Whispers in the Night; Rush to Glory; Blood Promise; Jivaro Kill; The Angelic Prophecy; Whipsaw; Aurora of Fire; The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole, Wide World; Roan's Requiem; and, Yankee Peddler.


According to the book description of Rush to Glory, “Heckler's novel lays open the lives of two brothers, Hal and Luke Bailey, opposites in every way, one of a more gentle nature, and the other possessed of unrelenting ambition. Set against the backdrop of WWII with all of Europe aflame, Hal proves that failure is often in the eye of the beholder and that success to one man is often total devastation to another. The action is constant and the tension is high throughout the novel.”


According to the book description of Whispers in the Night, “At night Sandi's perfect life seems less than perfect. The only child of a well-to-do family that runs an art gallery, in the light of day she's beautiful (although she doesn't think so), and engaged to a successful stockbroker. But at night, there are the whispers? Are the whispers trying to say something, or is she simply insane? Sandi doesn't understand, and is sure her family and fianc? won't either. She changes her major from art history to psychology to look for answers. Then, one evening in class, the professor tries an experiment in self-hypnosis and, the whispers get a voice, her voice.”


According to the book description of Blood Promise, it “is a stunning romantic/adventure with the broad sweep of World War II and the suspense and excitement of Gypsy lovers struggling to survive. “Not only do you care about his characters, but Robert L. Hecker's talent for weaving historical facts and suspense into a romantic adventure is as remarkable as it is exciting. I loved this read.” Frances Kavanaugh”


According to the book description of Jivaro Kill, “Someone using poisoned darts is killing people in Los Angeles and taking their heads! Is it a mad man, or a rogue native of Ecuador's Jivaro tribe of headhunters? Or both?! Det. Henry Warner, with the help of a beautiful anthropologist from Ecuador tries to track down the blowgun killer. And when the killer flees to the deep forests of Arizona, can Apache policemen capture him before he kills them all?”


According to the book description of Whipsaw, “Recruited by the DEA, Brent Thomas goes undercover to investigate an ex-army buddy, Pat Frankie, who runs a boxing gym but who the DEA suspects is a drug dealer. Brent becomes an instructor in Frankie's gym. Frankie thinks he has the making of a champion and arranges fights for him. Brent, to everyone's surprise, wins the fights, eventually having a shot at the championship. Unfortunately, he also falls in love with Maria, Frankie's daughter. Then, entering the dangerous world of drug dealers, Brent must fight with his gun and his wits as well as his fists. An action-packed conclusion forces Brent into a traumatic choice: either a lie that will bring him Maria's love and a shot at the boxing title, or the truth that will cost him everything.”


According to the book description of The Angelic Prophecy, “Michael Modesto, a hard-living rock star, in a vision is given extraordinary healing powers and is told: "I am the Word and you are My messenger." But he is not told the message, only to "Beware the Antichrist." Torn by doubt because he is not worthy of being God's messenger, and plagued by guilt because he does not want the responsibility, but knowing that the only way he can return to his old decadent life is to discover and deliver the "message," Michael reluctantly takes on the role of healer and evangelist. His quest is complicated when he falls in love, and even more so when the Antichrist sets out to destroy him before he can deliver his prophetic message. Still fighting doubts-and fear-Michael's quest leads him to a showdown with the Antichrist and a surprising fulfillment of his Angelic Prophesy.”


According to the book description of The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole, Wide World, “Armed with good looks, his lucky tie, and new-found freedom from the beautiful Scandinavian amazon Beverly, Calvin was on his way to shimmering Lake Tahoe and a summer job that he hoped would put him right into the arms of Lady Luck. He would be far enough away from home to be anonymous. He was ready!  And the ladies did cluster: sensuous, gorgeous movie star Fifi; tempestuous dancer Rose Blaise; and the lovely, unsettling Connie.  So what if Calvin didn't get exactly the job as an accountant he'd hoped for at the brassy Toluca Casino. Being a busboy-shill-exotic dancer-Romeo had rewards he'd never dreamed of. Big Time!  And the thing with the missing money and gun that made his life worth less than a single cheap poker chip? Even that could end up being part of the best summer job in the whole, wide world. All he had to do was live through it.”


According to the book description of Yankee Peddler, “Her first Foreign Service assignment - on a mission so secret her entire staff consisted of one Air Force missile expert - and it had to be Litania, a backwater Mediterranean island-nation that has been isolated for so long the people have not even heard of the USA. But with grim determination, knowing that the fate of the free world is in her hands, Ambassador Elizabeth Sullivan Wexford Adams sets out to sell the Litanians on "The American Way." The problem: how does one convince a people to change their ways when they believe everything is perfect? Rising to the challenge, she is succeeding, until ... Russians... bringing gifts and menace. And suddenly, two lonely Americans find themselves engaged in a battle of wits and intrigue, a battle for licentious hearts and bewildered minds.”

Whispers in the Night
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"MURDER BY PROXY" EPPIE Award Winner Thriller/Adventure
Robert, L Hecker  More Info

The Angelic Prophecy
Robert, L Hecker  More Info

The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole, Wide World **ISBN: 9781928767114**
Robert L. Hecker  More Info

Blood Promise
Robert L. Hecker  More Info

Robert, L. Hecker  More Info

Roan's Requiem
Robert L. Hecker  More Info

Rush to Glory
Robert L. Hecker  More Info

Yankee Peddler
Robert L. Hecker  More Info

Jivaro Kill
Robert L. Hecker  More Info
Aurora Of Fire
Robert L. Hecker  More Info

According to the book description of Aurora of Fire, “Someone wants Francine Devereux dead! She has no idea why. An attempt to kill her is prevented by Jaarl Larssonn, an engineer from Alaska's North Slope oil fields where something mysterious--and deadly--is happening at an experimental pump station. Jaarl thinks Francine's father may be behind the strange events. He wants her to come with him to the pump station to talk to her father. The request stuns Francine. She has not seen her father in twenty years, and, in fact, hates him for abandoning her mother and her when she was an infant. Francine agrees to go with Jaarl for two reasons: she would like to confront the father she despises, and she is more than a little intrigued by the handsome Jaarl Larsson. But at the pump station she finds a dark world as filled with danger as it is with romance, a world where she finds that the attempt on her life was only the prelude to real fear.”


According to the book description of Murder by Proxy, “to Benjamin Roan, the secret mission seems simple: save the life of the President of the United States. The president is dying of leukemia. With no close relatives, a bone marrow donor cannot be found. He is doomed. Then.a confession--He has a secret daughter, the result of a liaison when he was in college. He has had no contact with her since. His only hope is for Roan to find his daughter and bring her to Washington. But the mission must be kept secret. If she is not a match, the scandal of having an illegitimate child can be kept quiet. Also, there are people who want the President dead. If they knew Roan's mission, they would try to kill the girl. Roan's regrets begin the minute he meets the girl. She is gorgeous--and opinionated and suspicious. The regrets escalate when bad people begin trying to kill her--and him. And the regrets really get out of hand when he discovers he is falling in love. Now he not only has to save her life, he has to find a way to make her change her fear and resentment to love. It won't be easy. She told him: "I hate you. I hate your mother. I hate your father. I hate your dog. I even hate your cat, and I love cats." Can he change her mind? Can he save the President? All he has to do is keep her--and himself--alive.”


According to the book description of Roan's Requiem, “Benjamin Roan is co-owner of a company that provides security for high-tech industry located in the high-society sunbelt of Newport Beach, California. When one of his guards, Ben's fiancé, is found dead, everyone says, "accident." But Ben suspects "murder." To find proof, Ben takes over her guard duties at a high-tech Industry where, despite attempts to kill him, he discovers ruthless schemes involving pornography, espionage, and high-tech murder--and a Latina bombshell named Samantha. In an exciting climax, Ben tracks down the mysterious killer with unusual--and deadly--results.”

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