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Richard Hamilton

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Colonel Richard Hamilton, USAF (ret.) “grew up during World War II. He lived in an almost fatherless neighborhood with his boyhood friends; consequently searching for heroes, he found them in books and in the newsreels at Saturday matinees. His first "real" hero was an Army Air Corps pilot who gave him his first flight in an open cockpit trainer. He introduced Dick to aerobatics and taught him the joys of playing with the clouds; the young boy left part of his soul in the sky, providing him with his first life quest. He became an Air Force fighter pilot and served his country for thirty-three years. After retirement, he recalled the stories and events that influenced him during his formative years and decided to becoming a teller of stories, so that he might positively inspire others to follow their own dreams. Colonel Richard Hamilton is the author of Winging It: Cody’s Cowboys Save the Day.

Winging It: Cody's Cowboys Save the Day
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According to book description of Winging It: Cody’s Cowboys Save the Day, it “is a delightful story about three pre-teens from Florida who spend a summer together in Laredo, Texas, a border town with a reputation for intrigue. Eddie, Jack, and Victoria hook-up with Cody, an old barnstorming pilot and his thirteen year old amigo, Luis. They teach our trio how to fly, and steer them into an adventure they will never forget, filled with mystery and deception. They learn about many "Critters" as well: Armadillos, Javelina, Rattlesnakes, Tarantulas, Scorpions, and the worst critter of all...a real live Terrorist. The story finds our heroes learning many of life’s teachings, including lessons about growing-up and how boys know when girls like them.”

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