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Ralph K. Baber

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Lieutenant Colonel Ralph K. Baber, USAF (ret.) “is a graduate of Huntington East High School and Georgia Tech. He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1977. A participant in the Wildacres Writers Workshop and the University of Iowa Novel Workshop, he is a member of both the West Virginia Writers and the Highland Lakes Writers groups. He is presently at work on a second novel featuring police lieutenant Vern Halsey.”  Ralph Baber is the author of The Last of Rose Sommer: A Vernon Halsey Mystery.  According to the Huntington News (11.16.08), “Ralph Baber, has just completed his latest mystery, Always in Deepest Sympathy featuring Detective Vernon Halsey. The story surrounds begins with the gang rape of a shy, intelligent girl by five athletes, which she and her best friend keep secret out of shame.”


The MOAA said of The Last of Rose Sommer: A Vernon Halsey Mystery, “Vern Halsey’ s military police background and 25 years on the Huntington, W.V., police force have taught him when to be smooth and when to be rough. These skills prove invaluable as he investigates the mysterious killing of shapely Rose Sommer. He ultimately is successful as he uncovers the killer and extracts a surprising confession.”

The Last of Rose Sommer
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