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Paul A. Barber

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Colonel Paul A. Barber, USAF (ret.) was “raised on a farm, Paul Barber learned three things early: the power of a tornado; the definition of work; and the love of Jesus. Although not big enough to harness the horses, at six years of age he could swing a corn knife and chop weeds out of the corn row. When he was old enough to plow the ground, his father cautioned him that his furrow across the field needed to be straight, not crooked; when he milked the cows, he needed to get all the milk from the cow's udder; when he took food to eat, he needed to clean up his plate. From those, and other early lessons, came a life striving to mirror his dad's teachings of excellence. It became the norm to do his best in every situation; it was an attitude. It meant that he cared about the day, what he did, and how he did it. After a life stretching from around the farm to around the world; from the jungles of South East Asia to the nuclear seat of power; from high flight to high visibility; from joy to near tragedy, Barber completed his Air Force career and became a financial advisor, helping thousands with their investment needs. Colonel Paul A. Barber is the author of Another Day in Which to Excel.


According to the book description of Another Day in Which to Excel, “The Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and a Kansas tornado had left the Barber family reeling. Then came WW II and three sons were called to service. Army Air Corps planes began flying low level missions over the farm, capturing the imagination of yet a younger son, Paul. In this story of dedication and excellence, Paul Barber follows his dream, becomes an Air Force pilot, commands a flying unit, and with a simple statement, "Another Day in Which to Excel," challenges himself, his crews, and his family to be their very best. You will see the Cuban Missile Crisis from his vantage point; tag along on high-speed, high-altitude air-refueling missions; learn how the U.S. won the peace during the Cold War with the Soviets; feel the stress on his flight crews in the Vietnam War; and view near tragedies during critical phases of flight. In the Pentagon's National Military Command Center, you will observe crisis management at the highest level, as his team stands ready to launch U.S. Nuclear Forces against the Soviet Union if they attack America. You will witness his preparation of college ROTC students for commissioning, and finally, his preparation of older Americans for a financially secure retirement.

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Throughout this inspirational story, the strength of family and power of faith are highlighted. Reviews: "This is a fascinating story with great insights, a story written in ways that will interest people who appreciate our great American heritage, from the wheat fields of Kansas to the world-shaking events in the Pentagon and the White House. In it they will find wisdom and motivation for successful living. This book is confirmation of the power generated when an individual uses the combination of faith, family, education, and hard work to reach personal goals and live a productive and satisfying life.”

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