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Nelson O. Ottenhausen

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Lieutenant Colonel Nelson O. Ottenhausen, USA (ret.) “is the founder of the Pen WISE Poets (Writers in Service to Education), a literary arts outreach program in the schools of Northwest Florida, which he managed from 1994 thru 1998, and in 1995, he was cited by Governor Lawton Chiles of Florida for this work. In October of 1995, he received a fellowship for his writings, and in August of the same year was appointed by Florida’s Secretary of State as one of only five poets throughout the state to the Directory of Visiting Artists. He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree in Operations Management and a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois.  Lieutenant Colonel Nelson O. Ottenhausen is the author of The Blue Heron: A Novel and Civil War II.


According to the book description of The Blue Heron: A Novel, “The President of the United States asks Jake Kelly, “Do you know how to start a revolution in a dictator’s country? It’s easy, you kill the SOB.” Jake Kelly, a retired U.S. Army officer, is ordered back into active service to resurrect a dormant intelligence network in Cuba and to launch Operation Libertad, a covert operation to overthrow the Cuban dictator president. Juan Guevara, a Cuban refugee and Jake’s best friend, volunteers to lead a team to assassinate the Cuban dictator. The Blue Heron is Jake Kelly’s powerful and fast cabin cruiser, as well as the code name for a military intelligence agent who once operated secretly in Cuba for more than ten years. The agent is now wanted alive by the Cuban Federal Police who set out to capture the elusive spy. Kelly must also rescue his fiancé and Juan Guevara’s young grandson, both kidnapped by the most dangerous terrorist in the Western hemisphere.”

The Blue Heron: A Novel
Nelson O. Ottenhausen  More Info

Civil War II
Nelson O. Ottenhausen  More Info

According to the book description of Civil War II, “Madman or Messiah? Will John Butler “Bull” Jackson and The United States People’s Constitutional Militia free the nation from a corrupt and immoral government, or start a chaotic civil war? By coercion and bribery of high-ranking government and military officials, the organization infiltrates thousands of recently discharged veterans, sympathetic to the cause, back into strategic military positions. The plan: isolate the nation’s Capitol under the guise of martial law, then bring down the President’s administration. Right from the outset, things don’t go as planned. Six political assassinations, several violent bombings, and the escape of two petty convicts from an Arkansas prison unwittingly cause a chain of events that disrupts Bull Jackson’s takeover timetable. Secret Service Agents MacAllister Fox and Roger Cassidy, along with Sheriff Sam Walker of Johnson County, Arkansas, try to track down the elusive Bull Jackson and his followers, but they always seem to remain a step behind.”

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