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Nancy J. Parra

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Nancy J. Parra, USAF (1983-1987) “writes romantic suspense and sweet western historical romances. Hailed as a rising star of romantic fiction, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism but turned to writing fiction when she discovered it was more fun to interview the people in her head.”  Nancy J. Parra is the author of Mr. Charming; A Wanted Man; Loving Lana; Wyoming Wedding; Saving Samantha; The Bettin’ Kind; The Lovin’ Kind; The Marryin’ Kind; and, Dream Man.

According to the book description of Mr. Charming, “Sometimes the worst place to hide is in plain sight. Jennifer Sumner is a single mom with a secret past. At the request of her brother, lead investigator on the case, she takes in a wealthy playboy who is pretending to be dead. Jennifer walks a fine line as she struggles with the press, who can expose both the playboy and her troubled past, the playboy who threatens her lonely heart, and the killer who now wants them both dead. Can her brother catch the killer before her hard earned life comes crashing down around her?”


According to the book description of A Wanted Man, “Brianna McGraw ventures out West to find and rescue her brother from bandits who will sell him illegally to the highest bidder. Separated after they were orphaned a few years ago, Brianna has worked hard as a librarian to save money for the trip. But when she arrives, she realizes she has to somehow come up with a thousand dollars to buy him back. She then sees a wanted poster with a sufficient reward and decides to become a bounty hunter, accomplishing two good deeds at once--bringing a criminal to justice and saving her brother.


Trey Morgan's renegade days are long over. He is at home on his ranch, tending to his cattle, when Brianna appears and arrests him. He is more amused than concerned, wondering how she thinks she's going to drag him 900 miles through the mountains. To his surprise, Brianna proves over and over again that she is intelligent and strong enough to make the long and grueling trip. While he quietly observes his beautiful captor, his discomfort grows when she begins to win more and more of his respect and admiration. Soon, the threat his beautiful captor holds over him is not so much in the pistol she wields, but the lasso she has firmly fastened over his heart.”


According to the book description of Loving Lana, “Lana Tate dreams of the day she can leave Wyoming and live in a more civilized place like San Francisco or New York. Since her mother died her father has been paralyzed with grief, and Lana must sing in the saloon just to earn enough money to make it through the winter. She worries that if she doesn't find a way out of Wyoming soon she will die there just like her mother. Taggart Morgan watches the reward for the capture of the legendary wild stallion grow until it reaches two thousand dollars. Lana learns of the reward and sees it as the answer to her dreams. The amount is more than enough to get her and her father to San Francisco, where she can finally live her dream of becoming an opera star.


Taggart expects competition for the stallion, but he never suspected that a delicate but determined young gal would be the one to stand between him and his goal.


The competition heats up as Lana and Taggart butt heads. Finally, when they see that neither can capture the horse alone, they team up. If they work together they can both accomplish their goals and go their separate ways. But the closer they get to their goal, the less important it seems, as these two hearts learn that love can make even impossible dreams come true.


According to the book description of Wyoming Wedding, “Shay Morgan has never met a woman he can't charm---ever. When old Ben Edwards asks Shay to bring his stubborn daughter Jenny home for one last visit before he leaves this world, Shay is sure she'll gladly come home with him. Rumors fly and Shay is warned that the last two men who tried to bring Jenny Edwards back never returned. Undaunted, Shay flashes his heart-breakin' smile and heads off to retrieve his bounty, betting the town that he will do what no man before him could---and within thirty days.


Dr. Jenny Edwards has no love for the father who abandoned her and her sick mother when she was a child. She has no desire to see him again or any more of his minions who have attempted to lure her back. Jenny sees men and marriage as a losing situation for women--nothing more than pain and poverty. She is determined not to get emotionally involved with any man. But she is lonely and dreams of an angel who will comfort her and never leave her side as she works day and night to heal the wounds of the people of her growing town.


When Shay rides into town he's taken aback by the beautiful, gentle doctor. He opts not to tell her why he is in town, knowing he must gain her trust before he can take her home. Jenny cannot believe her eyes when Shay arrives. He is her angel, the very image of the man in her dreams. Skeptical, she puts him to the test. When Shay passes with flying colors, working round the clock to help her quell an epidemic on the outskirts of town, Jenny wonders about her vow to never give her heart to a man. Will Jenny and Shay take the biggest gamble of both their lives and realize that to trust is to love?”


According to the book description of The Bettin' Kind, “Amelia Morgan dreams of a handsome prince who would take one look at her and fall in love. Together they would find a dynasty of magnificent horses and live happily ever after. What she never counted on was her baby brother losing her beloved stallion to a slick card shark. Desperate not to lose her dream, she gambles that the threat of marriage would cause the card shark to cut and run rather than go through with a hasty marriage to a total stranger. Alex Laird is no dummy. He calls Amelia's bluff, fully expecting her to jilt him at the altar. Then the question of the horse's ownership would be indisputably his.


These two stubborn foes go through with a hasty marriage, neither willing to let go of their claim to the horse. Stuck with each other for the time being, each comes up with a plan to secure their future. Unfortunately, their goals are once again at odds. For a while, Alex decides an annulment is the answer to their predicament. Amelia takes a different tact. She believes the only way to see her dream come true is to make Alex fall in love with her. The struggles that ensue become more than a battle of wills. It becomes a battle of the heart where dreams are won and lost at the turn of a card.”


According to the book description of Dream Man, “Dr. Eva Stanford only wants to help her patient sleep through the night. Little does she know that the old woman holds the secret to a thirty-year-old mystery that threatened the political life of a presidential candidate and Eva's own family. A MAN WITH A DREAM...FBI Agent Nate Cancaid has a reoccurring dream of a woman with dark hair and blue eyes whose murder he is unable to prevent. When the blue eyed doctor enters his office, he feels the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. A MYSTERY THAT TRANSCENDS TIME...It's bad enough when Eva's patient claims that Eva and Nate are her married assistants, but coincidences grow too complicated for her scientific mind when some of the clues come straight out of Nate's dreams. Can Eva keep from losing her heart to a man of intuition or has fate already dealt her a losing hand?”

Mr. Charming
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A Wanted Man (Avalon Historical Romance)
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Loving Lana
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Wyoming Wedding (Morgan Brothers Romance)
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Saving Samantha
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The Bettin' Kind
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The Lovin' Kind: A Morgan Family Romance
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The Marryin' Kind
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Dream Man
Nancy J. Parra  More Info

According to the book description of Saving Samantha, “Samantha Herrington is determined to prove to her father, the owner of a big city newspaper, that she can write more than laundry tips and sewing advice. She is a serious reporter and bets she will find her front page story in Amesville, Wyoming. Instead, she finds a cranky cowboy whose overbearing protection and passionate kisses keep her from that goal. Honor is everything to Matthew Morgan. He owes Big John Herrington his life. To pay off the debt, he must watch over the man's only daughter for the space of one summer. It is a situation Matt regrets immediately.  Sam's search for a story brings mayhem and murder, but even worse, her innocence unravels the steel bands that have protected Matt's heart. Can Matt see her safely out of Amesville before he loses his heart? Or is love their true destiny?”


According to the book description of The Lovin Kind, “Beth Morgan has never met a man she couldn't love. All her life the Wisconsin beauty has been happily surrounded by beaus. It isn't until she starts down the aisle that she realizes it's the attention she loves and not the actual men. So, Beth does what any self respecting socialite would do. She turns on her heel and runs. Quaid Blair does his friend, Robert Morgan, a big favor and hunts down the runaway bride. He drags the spoiled willful girl home, dumping her ruined wedding dress and all in her father's study.


Beth knows in that moment there is one man she will never love and his name is Quaid Blair. But that's the least of her worries. Currently her fiancé and his family are waiting for her in the parlor along with the entire town of Boltonville. Humiliated, she has to get out of town now, even if it means going all the way to Wyoming with none other than Quaid Blair. Quaid agrees to take the spoiled vixen to her brother in Wyoming. He figures it will take one maybe two days on the trail before Beth Morgan caves to the hardship of pioneering and demands to be taken back home. The trip becomes a battle of wills and Quaid learns there is more grit to this stubborn woman than he first thought. Admiration turns to love, but once back in civilization, will this fickle woman go back to gathering beaus? Beth comes to understand the difference between infatuation and true love. But Quaid has seen her at her worst. How could any man forget the spoiled girl she once was?”


The American Library Association said of The Marryin’ Kind, “Madeline just isn't interested in getting married. She enjoys her freedom. But her kid sister is worried because their father mandated that the younger sisters can't be courted until Maddie is safely wed. Then, in a stroke of impish genius, their brother suggests that Maddie claim to be secretly engaged to Evan Montgomery, one of his friends who went off to fight in the Civil War, never to be heard from again. Maddie moves into Evan's abandoned cottage, and for two years, this works out just fine. Then Evan's brother, Trevor, comes home, and he is not so sure about Maddie. Parra sets the traditional tale of the eldest daughter being forced to marry first in the Old West and gives it a clever twist. With her adroit blending of pathos and humor, Parra has crafted another winner, the fifth book in the Morgan Brothers series, following Saving Samantha (2002), A Wanted Man(2002), Loving Lana (2003), and Wyoming Wedding (2004).”

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