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Michael Mannske

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Michael Mannske, USAF “graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering. He worked on classified military projects in Silicon Valley before flying A-10 Thunderbolt IIs and OV-10 Broncos for the Air Force. Mannske served with the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions during the Gulf War as an Air Liaison Officer and currently resides in the Middle States with his wife.” Michael Mannske is the author of Foreign and Domestic: Campaign II--Battle for the Middle States.

According to the book description of Foreign and Domestic: Campaign II--Battle for the Middle States, “Can the president be a domestic enemy? And if so, when can an army rightfully disobey their Commander-in-Chief? These are just some of the provocative questions in author Michael Mannske's epic war-thriller about the looming battle between the UN and the United States, Foreign and Domestic: Campaign II: Battle for the Middle States. It's the near future and the UN has seized power, battling the United States on its own soil. Ex-Air Force pilot John "Spiderman" Trent finds his underdog band of Sovereign Forces on the run and his wife targeted for internment. He smuggles a brilliant scientist across enemy lines and must somehow convince an entire U.S. fighter squadron to defect, but can he save his wife, his country and the missile fields of the Middle States in time? In pitch-perfect prose, Mannske explores what it means to live in a divided nation, where even the president is corrupt and national pride is shattered. Called "near fiction" by its author, Foreign and Domestic is driven by current events even as it plays with futuristic scenarios. It's a daring story of brave and bold Americans who are willing to rise up and sacrifice all for their home, family, and their dreams. Thought-provoking and exciting, Foreign and Domestic is both an unforgettable political thriller and top-flight entertainment.”

Foreign and Domestic: Campaign II--Battle for the Middle States
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One reader of Foreign and Domestic: Campaign II--Battle for the Middle States said, “While the rest of the world is concentrating on terrorism or Britney Spears -- or the terrorism of Britney Spears -- Manske keeps us focused on the results of gradually losing our national sovereignty in his new action thriller, "Foreign and Domestic". What would keep a future US president from 'signing' over our national security to the United Nations? The problem with Americans is that too many of us despise our own country so much that we would willingly and compliantly march, lemming-like, over the cliffs of insanity just as Manske describes. Manske's Air Force pilot experience rings true in his air battle scenes with 'Spider', an aging former Air Force pilot, and the American spirit soars in the 'can do' attitude of the heroes who have dug in in the Middle States. And yet, the middle states' 'rebels', squaring off against the blue helmets from nations who have long wanted to plunder us, embrace anyone from any nationality who yearns to be free of tyranny and mediocrity. Manske is a smart, thoughtful, and creative patriot spinning a not-so-crazy-as-I-thought yarn that takes place in a potentially much-closer-than-I-thought future. Wake up America! Manskes here to stay!”

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