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Merline Lovelace

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Colonel Merline Lovelace, USAF (ret.) is a 23 year veteran of the United States Air Force who joined the Air Force after college.  She is the author of over 75 novels. Among her recent novels are: The Last Bullet; The Hello Girl: Ex Marks The Spot; Stranded with a Spy; The Executive's Valentine Seduction; The Duke's New Year's Resolution; The CEO's Christmas Proposition; Undercover Wife; Mind Games; and, Risky Business.

According to the book description of The Last Bullet, “Former special agent Cleo North thought she had sworn off bureaucracy forever -- but the Air Force Office of Special Investigation has other ideas. They need her expertise and are willing to pay her extravagant fee. The case? An off-duty U.S. fighter pilot recently took a bullet under suspicious circumstances and wound up dead.

It doesn't take long before Cleo and Major Jack Donovan from the OSI -- along with some help from British Intelligence -- discover the pilot was involved in some questionable activities. But why was he so interested in a U.S. Army Corps C-46 that went down in the English Channel in 1943? When another murder links a far-fetched story of wartime international intrigue to millions of dollars in gold, only one question remains: who is behind the ultimate cover-up? And could Cleo be the next bullet's victim?”


According to the book description of The Hello Girl: Ex Marks The Spot, “All that's standing in the way of the Dunbars' divorce is Brian Dunbar's unwillingness to sign the papers. And though his wife, Lieutenant Colonel Anne Dunbar, loves him as madly as she did on their wedding day eleven years ago, their differences—intensified by the pressures of career and family—are irreconcilable. Or so she thinks. When a long-lost file lands on Anne's desk, she learns some unexpected lessons about love and trust from the remarkable story of a World War I "Hello Girl" telephone operator. Marie Reynaud fought valiantly for love—a love immortalized in diary entries that transcended war and time. A love inspiring enough to save Anne's marriage?”


According to the book description of Stranded with a Spy, “When Mallory Dawes, suddenly infamous in the States, decided to take that vacation to France, her problems were just beginning: a lost passport. A car swept out to sea. Missing travelers' checks. And a mysterious, if intriguing, man who always seemed to turn up just when she was in trouble. Cutter Smith-code name: Slash-was told to keep the beautiful blonde in his sights. But as his interest in her veered from the professional to the intensely personal, Cutter knew the cost of falling in love would be high indeed. And he would have to pay the price.”


According to the book description of The Executive's Valentine Seduction, “Amor was on the menu and Rory Burke was intent on having Caroline Walters as the main course. This meeting he'd arranged in beautiful Tossa de Mar was no mere business transaction. Having learned the truth about his long-ago lover, Rory had gone to great lengths to orchestrate this Valentine reunion in sunny Spain. His plan? To lure Caro back into his bed - as his bride. With his powers of persuasion, the high-powered executive was certain he would get his way—until the power of pasión turned the tables on him.”


According to the book description of The Duke's New Year's Resolution, “The setting was picture-postcard perfect; the hero, bonafide royalty. Sabrina's worst fear was that she would wake up and discover it was all a dream. Duke—and doctor—Marco Calvetti had almost run her off the road. Now Sabrina was playing houseguest in his Amalfi-coast villa. Marco's romantic words and skilled hands gave new meaning to the term "bedside manner," but his brooding eyes hid secret wounds…or was it a secret agenda? Either way, the duke promised her a New Year's she would never forget.”


According to the book description of The CEO's Christmas Proposition, “A case of mistaken identity landed Devon McShay on the receiving end of a mind-blowing kiss—from her new client! CEO Cal Logan was an undeniably handsome man, and despite their business relationship, Devon couldn't help thinking about kissing him again. When a crippling ice storm traps them in Salzburg for Christmas, sharing a room is their only option. And sharing a bed becomes their pleasure. Could this passionate encounter evolve into anything more than a holiday affair?”


According to the book description of Risky Business, “From career camp fire girl? As regional chief of employment and training, Sue Ellen Carson gets to sit in a comfortable, air-conditioned office and make funding decisions--she just doesn't do fieldwork. But this time her boss insists that she evaluate a program firsthand--three weeks of survival training with at-risk teens in the Florida wilderness. Entering the rough-and-tumble world of camp founder USAF Chief Master Sergeant Joe Goodwin isn't her idea of fun--especially once she gets the hang of the rules: 1. Never wear perfume. Bugs--stinging, biting bugs--love designer fragrance; 2. Never pretend to be up on the latest street lingo. Acting too cool for school around troubled teens can have disastrous consequences; and, 3. Never, ever get too close to Sergeant Goodwin. Because resisting this man's animal magnetism is such risky business, even a seasoned exec like Sue Ellen can't pull it off.”


According to the book description of Mind Games, “For Air Force special agent Taylor Chase, invading a billionaire's island fortress was headache enough. But partnering with Dr. Mark Wolfson forced her to revisit the darkest chapter of her past. As his lab assistant, she'd been his lover--and turned into another one of his telekinetic experiments. He'd influenced her thoughts and dominated her very being, and she'd sworn off him forever. Yet when the sheer horror of the billionaire's plan was revealed, Taylor and Mark realized only their telepathic bond could save them. But could they handle the deep-rooted extrasensory passion that had blown up in their faces years ago? Their very lives depended on the answer...of just who was controlling whom.”

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According to the book description of Undercover Wife, “Playing the part of Gillian Ridgeway's tourist husband might be OMEGA operative Mike Callahan's toughest assignment yet. Keeping his hands off the too-young, too-innocent, stunning novice field agent while they were supposed to act all lovey-dovey? Right. He'd have to rely on all his torture training and focus on their mission: to track down the source of a potentially deadly virus in Hong Kong. When their job was complicated by pint-sized scam artists who wiggled their way into Mike's heart, Gillian knew her undercover husband wasn't as jaded as he claimed. But to turn their cover into a real-life arrangement, first they'd have to come home alive.”

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