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Lori Avocato

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Lori Avocato spent thirteen years as a registered nurse, four of which were service as an officer in the United States Air Force. Lori Avocato is the author of Shear Magic; A Dose of Murder; The Stiff and the Dead; One Dead Under the Cuckoo's Nest; Deep Sea Dead; Nip, Tuck, Dead; Dead on Arrival; and, Jeanie in a Bottle/Shear Magic.  She is also a co-author/contributor to Sugarplums and Scandal.

According to the book description of Shear Magic, “In this classic romance story, a conservative rancher and a free-spirited photographer are forced to share more than a common lake in the steamy New Mexico desert. There they must decide--are wealth and property worth more than love? Becky Chambers becomes a fish out of water when she and Slate Lawson learn they have both inherited half of the same ranch in New Mexico--now they must learn what is really important in life.”


Publisher’s Weekly said of One Dead Under the Cuckoo's Nest, “In Avocato's third comic Pauline Sokol mystery (after The Stiff and the Dead), the ex-nurse turned insurance fraud investigator finds herself drugged, kidnapped and locked in a mental institution under a fictitious name. Enter enigmatic Jagger, who's masquerading as a doctor this time around and, as usual, doesn't tell Pauline much except that she's supposed to investigate a scam involving the placement of "mental patients" for insurance bounty money. Surrounded as she is by oddball inmates and "nuns" with French manicures, it's a tough call to determine who's bonkers and who's not. When one of the nuns ends up impaled on a broom handle and a naked patient gets a little too friendly, Jagger tries to pull Pauline from the case, but our spunky heroine has ideas of her own. While there's more perky narrative than actual sleuthing, readers who were charmed by the eccentric characters from previous books—Pauline's cross-dressing roommates, Polish family members and sleazy boss Fabio—will find this entry every bit as delightful.”


Dawn Dowdle of said of A Dose of Murder, “Pauline Sokol decides she is burned out from being a nurse for so many years. So, she quits her job. Then she realizes she has no job and thus no money to pay her many bills. Her best friend and roommate, Miles, sets her up with an interview with his uncle. Thinking she'd be doing office work, she soon finds out she will be an insurance fraud investigator. Something she knows nothing about. Since she doesn't get paid unless she completes an investigation, she sets out to quickly learns how.


After almost being caught, Goldie begins to give her some instruction. She also gets some direction when she ties up with Jagger in a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" type of situation. This takes her undercover in a local clinic, one her boyfriend just joined.


Can she do her surveillance work as well as help Jagger out with his case, through her undercover work, without wearing herself out, getting caught, or getting herself killed. As she stumbles on a body and tries to keep a level head when around hot Jagger, she finds herself in many hilarious situations.


I found myself laughing out loud so many times while reading this book. It is a quick, easy cozy to read. The characters are so much fun, the situations believable, and the plot well-written. I especially like the interaction of Pauline and Jagger, but Goldie is also a hoot. Her parents and uncle really add to the story as well. Her lack of experience does not detract from her ability to help solve this crime. I found it to be believable. I look forward to reading many more Pauline Sokol books. I highly recommend this book.”


Harriet Klausner said of The Stiff and the Dead, “After twelve years as a nurse, Pauline Sokol could not take it anymore so she quit. Her roommate Miles got her a job as a fraud claims investigator for Scarpello and Tonelli Insurance Company because his Uncle Fabio owns the firm.


With Miles' boyfriend glitzy transvestite and star investigator Goldie Perlman ill, newbie Pauline is assigned to look into prescription fraud at the Hope Valley Senior Citizens Center. Pauline goes undercover as a senior citizen working as a temporary at the center's pharmacy with Goldie preparing her for her role to observe prime suspect Sophie Banko. Pauline also struggles with the attention given her by two male peers. Nick is a clean cut hunk while Jagger is an exasperating handsome pain. With three advisors to assist her at uncovering the prescription scam at the clinic's pharmacy, Pauline wonders if Goldie can help her better understand her sudden seemingly alive love life that was dormant as a nurse.


The second Pauline Sokol insurance investigation case is an amusing tale that once again focuses in on a medical scam enabling the former nurse simply to go undercover though trying to pretend to be elderly is not that easy accomplished. Her love interest has expanded since mysterious and sexy Jagger introduced her to the job and seemed to want her under the cover with Nick apparently interested in her too. Lori Avocato provides a humorous investigative tale starring a likable flake and her eccentric cronies though at times the quirky behavior distracts from a fine who-done-it.”


According to the book description of Deep Sea Dead, “A confirmed landlubber, insurance fraud p.i. Pauline Sokol's never heard the call of the sea - or if she has, she didn't pay attention. But now the former RN is donning her nurse's whites once more to go undercover as part of the medical team of the Golden Dolphin - a lavish luxury liner that's setting sail for Bermuda.


There's something fishy going on aboard the super-deluxe dinghy, and it's Pauline's job to be the ship's designated secret snoop - if she doesn't get too distracted by the motley crew of friends and relatives who've decided to sail along with her . . . and by her sexy supervising fellow investigator, Jagger. But when a dead body turns up - in Pauline's cabin, no less! - and another nurse goes missing, Pauline realizes she may be over her head in shark-infested waters. And getting safely onto dry land may be a long swim back!”


According to the book description of Dead on Arrival, “Join popular author Lori Avocato in another zany, wild adventure with intrepid sleuth, Pauline Sokol. Pauline is sent undercover to the DaVinci Ambulance company where she finds out that the owner is billing the insurance company fraudulently - however, Mr. DaVinci himself is murdered, sending her investigation into a tailspin - not to mention the fact that someone is sending her riddles - that threaten her life! The only perk in the job is meeting one very sexy, very well experienced paramedic, ER Dano - whom she can't decide is a suspect or a love interest.”

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According to the book description of Nip, Tuck, Dead, “Ex-nurse-turned-insurance fraud investigator Pauline Sokol's willing to risk anything to put a bad doc out of business—even her best friend Goldie's near-perfect proboscis! Her cross-dressing compadre has agreed to get his shnozz bobbed so Pauline can pose as his private nurse and gain entry into Highcliff Manor—a posh plastic surgery "spa" making an illegal killing with their repeat clientele.


But when a super-rich "frequent flier" is unexpectedly widowed—and a receptionist who knows too much is given the boot . . . off a nearby cliff!—Pauline realizes she's stuck her own nose into something really nasty. Despite the pleasant distraction of the hunky Dr. Neal—and the unexpected appearance of her sexy cohort, Jagger—Pauline can't shake the feeling she's being closely watched. And if she's not careful, she'll be the next one who goes under the knife!”

According to the book description of Jeanie in a Bottle/Shear Magic, “Two novels in one volume by Lori Avocato... JEANIE IN A BOTTLE -- Jeanie Merriday says she's a genie. Before Harrison Rainford can send her packing, his life is turned upside down-and, although she's partly the cause, she's also the only one that can straighten it out... Travel along with Jeanie and Harrison to enchanting New Orleans on a magical, oftentimes humorous, ride that you'll never forget. SHEAR MAGIC -- In this classic romance story, a conservative rancher and a free-spirited photographer are forced to share more than a common lake in the steamy New Mexico desert. There they must decide whether wealth and property are worth more than love. Becky Chambers becomes a fish out of water when she and Slate Lawson learn that they have each inherited half of the same ranch in New Mexico-now they must learn what is really important in life.”

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