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Kim Thomas

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Kim Thomas is a detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, where he is currently assigned to the forgery detail. His other investigative assignments included a joint operation with the FBI targeting an organized crime group of Eastern Europeans who defrauded $34 million from stolen credit cards.


Kim Thomas formerly worked in construction, drove a limousine, performed executive protection, and ran a martial arts school. While a member of the U.S. Air Force, and later for a civilian contractor, he worked on top-secret electronic projects at Nevada's weapon testing ranges.  As the Cold War wound down, Kim Thomas joined Metro in 1992. A sixth-degree black belt in Katai-te Ryu karate, Thomas scored 100 percent on the Metro physical test even though he was, at 36, one of the older members of his police academy class. While a patrolman he distinguished himself as the fastest runner in numerous officer-and-felon foot races, and was one of the athletic officers assigned to the innovative and famous bicycle patrols on the Las Vegas Strip.

Vegas: One Cop's Journey, a Novel from the Streets of Sin City
Kim Thomas  More Info

Born in 1956 in Michigan, Kim Thomas was the son of a career Air Force man. He has lived 30 of his years in Las Vegas, where he graduated from Rancho High School. He majored in English at UNLV and received his MFA degree in Creative Writing there in June 2005. He is the author of the novel Vegas: One Cop’s Journey.  According to the book description, “Cam Madden had a good job and a carefree bachelor lifestyle when he impulsively tried out for the police academy of the Las Vegas PD. Now that he's mastered the theories of law enforcement his education in its realities begins with field training and an ugly suicide call.


Learning the lessons of the street leaves scars on Cam's ego, but it's even rougher on his off-duty relationships with women. It doesn't matter until he falls for Karrie Mae, a paramedic, whereupon making it work becomes all important. Their romance grows in a world of burglars, bums, purse snatchers, drug dealers, and homicidal idiots, no two of them alike but each to be dealt with according to endless regulations, some of which cannot work without being severely bent.”

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