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Kenneth Hawk Slaker

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Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Hawk Slaker, USAF (ret.) “was born Kenneth Waverly Slaker in Elderton, Pennsylvania on April 14, 1920. Slaker entered the Army Air Corp (now the U.S. Air Force) after graduating high school and was a successful bomber pilot during World War II. He holds a master s degree in Industrial Management from the University of Southern California. Slaker was an associate professor at Washburn University, and he was the professor of Aerospace Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill during the mid-1960s.

Slaker retired from the U.S. Air Force as a lieutenant colonel in 1966. After working a short while for the Boeing Company, he earned his broker s license and started his own corporation. Slaker currently resides in Tacoma, Washington.”  Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Hawk Slaker is the author of A Military Pilot’s Exciting Life and Visit from the Hereafter.

According to the book description of A Military Pilot’s Exciting Life and Visit from the Hereafter, “As a young boy in 1930s western Pennsylvania, Ken Slaker once read a book about Charles Lindbergh. From that day forward, Ken s lifelong dream to be a pilot was established. Against his father s wishes, Ken took flying lessons and enrolled in the United States Aviation Cadet program. The rest, as they say, is history.What follows in A Military Pilot s Exciting Life and Visit from the Hereafter is the fascinating account of a great American s life. In his honest, nostalgic style, Slaker recounts his experience flying over fifty missions as a World War II B-17 bomber pilot in Italy and North Africa. He relates the candid, often emotional aspects of war, and the effects war can have on a person s sense of morality and duty. Amidst the seriousness, the reader gets a charming glimpse into the era of 1940s big bands, movie stars, and camaraderie among servicemen. Slaker relates his experience meeting actresses Carole Lombard and Francis Langford even having dinner with Bob Hope.

A Military Pilot's Exciting Life and Visit from the Hereafter
Lt. Colonel Kenneth Hawk Slaker  More Info

From there, the story proceeds with Slaker s exciting years as a career Army pilot in the States. Slaker held numerous positions on various bases, and he pursued education at three different universities and even served as an associate professor. However, it was always the sky that called to him, and he stayed true to his love of flying.

Interspersed throughout the memoir, Slaker's softer side emerges as he details his turbulent often very unlucky love life and family life. His maternal grandmother, who promised to watch over him his whole life his Guardian Angel saves Slaker s life on numerous occasions. And after much hardship, true romantic love does find Slaker in a most unusual place. That love presents itself in a spiritual, magical way when Slaker is much older. A Military Pilot s Exciting Life and Visit from the Hereafter is a touching, intimate account of an inspirational man of the Greatest Generation.”

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