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Karin D. Huxman

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Captain Karin D. Huxman, USAF “majored in Biology in college and received her commission in the Air Force upon graduation. However, astronaut training was not in her future. She embarked upon an altogether different voyage when she married fellow Air Force officer, Jay, while stationed in Nebraska. The adventure continued when Karin traded in her captain's rank for the higher calling of motherhood. Three children later, she added published writer, novelist, and poet to her list of accomplishments. In 2001, Karin was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing from Norwich University.” Captain Karin D. Huxman is the author of Melodi’s Tune; The Commitment; The Talisman; The Bachelor and the Baby; Entangled; Virtual Heart; With an Open Mind; and, Grizzelda Gorilla.  She is also a coauthor of Caught.

According to the book description of Caught, “Two women are caught by men completely wrong for them ... and deliciously irresistible. The Commitment by Karin Huxman (Contemporary Romance): Jilted for the third time at the altar, morose and disgusted, Miranda drinks too much and the next morning, finds herself in bed with a naked man. To her horror, she discovers she’s wed to her boss/ex brother-in-law, sexy bad boy Drake. He wants her, and there's not much a girl can do to resist a gorgeous man in his birthday suit. But Drake has much more on his mind than Miranda in a sexy negligee.


Mountain's Captive by Michelle M. Pillow (Contemporary Romance): Waking up with a hangover in a Las Vegas hotel, New York writer Chloe Masters is sore from an unusual night of passion with a man she vaguely recalls. She soon discovers that the night before she dialed the wrong hotel suite and Paul, her arranged fiancé, is frantically waiting for her in a different room. And if that isn’t bad enough, she married the wrong guy. Now she has to track down the mysterious Montana mountain man, Everest Beaumont, and get him to sign divorce papers so she can marry Paul and complete the terms of her father’s will. Everest Beaumont likes living on his own and is as rugged as the mountain demands. But when a woman—whom he drunkenly mistook for a Vegas prostitute sent by a corporation to sweeten the deal—shows up on his door claiming to be his wife, he is awestruck. The woman may be his wife, but she is not his to hold. Everest must resist the urges of his body in order to do what is morally right and not touch the woman engaged to another.”


According to the book description of With an Open Mind, “Kate is already en route to her friend's home in Colorado when she experiences the unexpected, a physic warning that her best friend is in grave danger. As unnerving as the psychic connection is with a man she's never known, and the message he brings, she discovers upon her arrival something even more frightening. Her best friend has gone missing. The question is why? And who is responsible? The ghost in the attic? The handsome neighbor, Eric? Her friend's husband? Or the mysterious man she knows only through their physic connection? The one who claims that he's been waiting for her."


According to the book description of Grizzelda Gorilla, “Grizzelda Gorilla loves her colorful parasol. When it's broken in a freak accident, she must turn to an activity she dislikes in order to fix it.”

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Virtual Heart
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Grizzelda Gorilla
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Dragon Talk
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According to the book description of Virtual Heart, “In the technological mecca of 21st century Colorado Springs, Megan Cooper is in the business of pleasure, virtual gaming that is. With an advanced degree in computer technology, and the support of local investors, Megan puts together a research and production lab for her company, Virtual Delights. Jake Mason comes from a family of genetic telepaths. His virtual company focuses on energizing the under-utilized portion of a person's mind to stimulate the virtual events. He needs Megan's know-how to make it all work, and he isn't above a little technical espionage to get it.


An electrical mishap traps both Megan and Jake in the virtual world. In the process of jumping from one danger to another, they learn to trust each other and fall in love. Just before unlocking the key to their return, they become separated. Will they find each other again in the real world or was their romance just a condition of virtual hearts?”


According to the book description of Dragon Talk, “Nervous about starting kindergarten, Kristen gets comfort from her stuffed toy dragon, Drakon.”

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