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John Rider

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Lieutenant Colonel John Rider, USAF (ret.) is the author of D.E.R.O.S.  According to the book description of D.E.R.O.S., “The year is 1968. Wired in-series, trip hammer shocks jolt the country - the capture of the USS Pueblo, Tet, LBJ declines to run, the murders of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. In Vietnam, a USAF pilot gets news that, to him, is every bit as jarring as those electrifying events - an airline wants him to interview for a cockpit job. In Dallas, three weeks from now. They have no idea he's in Vietnam, and has fifty-six days and a wake-up before he can leave.


Jack Boland is a Forward Air Controller pilot, part of a small USAF detachment stationed with a U.S. Army brigade, at a base camp in the jungle, seventy-five miles north of Saigon.  Flying small, vulnerable spotter aircraft, the FACs fly over the jungle - and when Brigade grunts get in trouble, bring in jet fighters to get Charlie off their backs.  The story is at times funny, as well as brutal, terrifying, and in the end, tragic. Catch-22 in Vietnam.”

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One reader of D.E.R.O.S. said, “John tells it as it happens in combat. He captures the love, hate, jealousy, envy and personal competition as well as the military politics, combined with a great story, which is not too far fetched. Having once been in combat most pilots do not yearn to repeat the experience, but never forget having been there.”

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