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John C. Mouat

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Colonel John C. Mouat, USAF, (ret.), “signed up for pilot training and flew combat missions as commander of a B-17 Flying Fortress with the 8th Air Force in England over targets in Germany. He was personally presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross by General Curtis E. Lemay for bravery during the famous bombing raid on ball-bearing plants at Schweinfurt in 1943.”  During the Korean War, Colonel John C. Mount served as a combat pilot; and, was promoted twice during the war to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  In 1966, he retired after 26 years of flying duty.


Colonel John C. Mouat is the author of the Beartooth series: Critter Encounters; Yellowstone Burning; Cowboys and Dudes; and, The Best of the Tales of the Beartooth and other Books.  He is also the author of Lucky Ace and From Indian Fort to Flying Fort – And Far Beyond.


According to the book description of Yellowstone Burning, “The disastrous Yellowstone Park fires of 1988 consumed over 40% of the Park's total area - over 400,000 acres out of a total of 2.2 million. Also, fires in adjoining National Forests incinerated hundreds of thousands of additional acres. The author of Yellowstone Burning deplores as incredibly wrongheaded the "Let It Burn" policy of Park officials when lightning strikes ignited forests that were tinder-dry after three years of drought. He does support, however, a policy of "Controlled Burns" under favorable weather conditions to rid the forest floors of deadfall and brush debris that pose fire hazards in all National Parks and Forests. Read Yellowstone Burning for an eye-witness account of what happened.”


According to the MOAA, From Indian Fort to Flying Fort – And Far Beyond, “describes the author's experiences and adventures beginning with being born in a log cabin near an old Indian fort on Montana's Last Frontier. It progresses through the Great Depression of the 1930s, Flying Fortress pilot flying combat missions over Germany during World War II, three year's combat flying during the Korean War, and many more years of service at the highest levels of the Air Force and the U.S. government.”


According to the book description of The Best of the Tales of the Beartooth and other Books, “The author's original intent when he first started his Tales of the Beartooth was to write a single book about his most exciting adventures with wildlife, cowboys and dudes during his many years of owning and operating a guest ranch outside Yellowstone Park. He ended up writing three books instead because he found he had so many adventures to write about. He made an initial decision to place stories about wildlife in one book and stories about cowboys and dudes in two additional ones. However, he received many complaints from readers who stated that they wanted wildlife stories mixed in with other stories about the Beartooths. He has resolved these complaints by consolidating The Best of the Tales of the Beartooth and other Books into this single volume.”

Critter Encounters (Tales of the Beartooth)
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John C. Mouat  More Info

Lucky Ace
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John, C. Mouat  More Info

Tales of the Beartooth: Book Two: Cowboys and Dudes (Tales of the Beartooth)
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