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Joe Porrazzo

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Joe Porrazzo is a “former career U.S. Air Force officer and currently works for the Department of Defense. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University and a master’s degree from Central Michigan University. He also taught Aerospace Science as an Air Force ROTC Assistant Professor at the University of New Hampshire.” Joe Porrazzo is the author of Solemnly Swear.

According to the book description of Solemnly Swear, “After a career of excitement and danger, former U.S. Air Force special agent Alex Porter retires and looks forward to leading a simple, civilian life. He celebrates the successes of his daughter, a college honor student and pilot candidate in the ROTC program, and is just starting to dip his toe into the dating pool again. But when he comes upon an accident-turned- crime scene involving New England Mafia don Vince Vionelli, Porter lands in serious hot water.

Vionelli is charged with murder, and Porter is the U.S. Justice Department’s star witness against the crime boss. With the trial just days away, Vionelli’s son terrorizes Porter and his daughter, forcing Porter to choose between testifying against the Mob and saving his own and his daughter’s lives. But when other, even more deadly threats begin surfacing, Porter suspects there’s yet another player in this ruthless game—one who wants him eliminated no matter what.  Full of danger, deceit, and revenge, Solemnly Swear is an action-packed suspense thriller that explores the fragile balance between justice and self-preservation.”


One reader of Solemnly Swear said, it “is a spellbinding and captivating new suspense novel. The author, Joe Porrazzo, grabs and doesn't let go. He delivers a successful plot of intrigue and sensitivity. The main character, Alex Porter, is portrayed as a man in moral turmoil who must make difficult choices between his personal life and the demands of his conscience without sacrificing his integrity.  This new creative author keeps you mesmerized with the plot so you cannot wait to read the next page. I personally highly recommend Solemnly Swear to all of you avid suspense readers and I cannot wait for this author's next book.”

Solemnly Swear
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One reader of Solemnly Swear said, “If you're in the mood for a great mystery/thriller, I highly recommend, Joe Porrazzo's "Solemnly Swear".  The story centers around Alex Porter, a former U.S. Air Force special agent whose retired life isn't far removed from the dangers of his previous life as an American soldier. Riddled with guilt over the untimely death of his wife, troubled by nightmares associated with witnessing a grizzly crime scene involving a powerful mafia boss, and struggling with the obstacles of fatherhood, still Alex stands strong and resilient against the pressures of the untouchable antagonist; mobster Vince Vionelli. The plot is unique ... the pace is fast ... the direction is unpredictable ... and the final pages are shocking. What a great book with which to spend a weekend!”

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