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Jerry Minchew

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Jerry Minchew, USAF “is one of ten children, born and raised in Alabama. He enlisted in the Air Force at 18 and served in New Mexico, Thailand and England.  After his discharge he attended Mobile College and there met and married Vickie Walters.  Jerry holds two degrees from Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth (Texas).”  Jerry Minchew is the author of Knighthawke.

According to the book description of Knighthawke, “Michael Walker grew up believing that he was the son of Jake and Lisa Webber and that he was abandoned as a baby when Lisa was killed during a bank robbery. The discovery that Lisa could not have children leaves him confused and frustrated. While he is in the Air Force an accident involving a satellite seriously injures him. The satellite contains an organism that makes its way into his bloodstream. This causes him to heal rapidly and enhances his natural abilities. Thus Michael's life is changed and Knighthawke is born. The Pentagon classifies him as top secret. Michael feels out of control of his own life. Scientists want to study him. The military wants to use him as a secret weapon in the Vietnam and Cold Wars. The Soviets want his blood. Michael just wants to learn his true identity, while his true family is frustrated in their efforts to find him.”

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One reader of Knighthawke said, “I received the book Knighthawke as a gift. With my busy schedule, I let months pass without reading the first page. At last, while on a Caribbean vacation relaxing by the pool, I began the journey of Knighthawke. I was immediately captivated by the plot. With each word the characters of Michael Walker and his family came to life. Once I started reading Knighthawke , I could not put it down. The water stained pages of my copy serve as evidence of the hours spent by the pool reading. Ultimately, Knighthawke by Jerry Minchew has something for everyone including suspense, action, adventure, mystery, and humor. My only regret is not reading it sooner. Read this book! You will not regret it!”

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