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Jerome J. McAuliffe

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Lieutenant Colonel Jerome J. McAuliffe, USAF (ret.) is the author of U.S. Air Force in France 1950-1967.  According to the book description, “This book chronicles the contribution made by the U.S. Air Force to NATO air power in France. From 1950 to 1967 the USAF set-up and maintained bases in France. At peak strength the U.S. Air Force had seventy-seven installations, nine tactical air bases, four dispersed operating bases, a major air logistics depot, off-base weapon storage sites, radio relay sites, radio navigational beacon sites, dependent schools, and twenty-seven hundred family housing units. Fifteen years of work have gone into telling the story of the wings, squadrons and support units that made this mission work under conditions that were often very challenging. A chapter each on the U.S. Army and the RCAF give an overview of their effort as well. The first five chapters cover the geopolitical conditions that brought us to France, the movement and construction required, life in France, and the FRELOC departure in 1967. Twelve chapters are devoted to the history of each base. A 32-page color section displays the wing and squadron patches for all the flying units stationed in France. The book contains more than 400 photographs, an abundance of maps, a base occupancy timeline chart, aircraft tail numbers, and an extensive bibliography.”

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