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Jeffrey Miller

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Jeffrey Miller, USAF, is ”Originally from LaSalle, Illinois, he has been living and working in Asia since 1989. After serving in the United States Air Force from 1976-1980, attended Southern Illinois University, Illinois Valley Community College, Eureka College and Western Illinois University.

Jeffrey Miller is currently teaching at Woosong University in Daejeon, South Korea, he has also been a feature writer for the Korea Times (2000-2006); it was during this time that his interest in the Korean War led to his coverage of many Korean War Commemorative events in Korea. Eventually this would become the inspiration for his first novel, War Remains.”

According to the book description of War Remains, “Robert "Bobby" Washkowiak battles his way through the bitter first winter of the Korean War, longing for home, his wife, and newborn son. Fifty years later, his son and grandson come across his wartime letters and together, they try to find out what really happened to him on one of the battlefields of that "forgotten war.”

On reader of War Remains said, “Jeffrey Miller has penned a gripping story of the Korean War through the eyes and hearts of a soldier, his comrades in arms, and the family he left behind. Vivid and wrenching battle scenes provide counterpoint for the present-day search of a soldier's grandson for the grandfather he and his father never knew. With elegant and skillful prose, Miller brings home to the reader the chaos and terror of battle, the ache of loss, and the bittersweet cup of remembrance. This novel will give those three letters "MIA" new and deeper meaning to all who read it. In the end, "War Remains" is a deeply satisfying affirmation of the gratitude and regard due those who sacrificed so much in a war forgotten by too many.”

War Remains
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John Podlaski the Author of Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel said of War Remains, “Jeffrey Miller penned a fantastic novel about a loving family's quest to learn more about Robert "Bobby" Washkowiak, who was listed as MIA during the Korean Conflict. The story first introduces us to Bobby and his closest friends from advanced military training, Harold and Walter, who have all arrived together in Korea during the fall of 1950. The U.N. troops had the North Koreans on the run and retreating to the North. Victory was eminent and it was rumored that the American troops would be home for Christmas.

We are then introduced to Bobby's wife, Mary and their young son, Ronnie via the many letters written home from the war. Bobby was deeply in love with this woman and wanted her not to worry about him while he was fighting this war. It would soon be over, he'd write, and they would all be together again. In fact, he promised to return home. Then the Chinese enter the war and it is the U.N. troops that are retreating. Human waves of Chinese soldiers attack and penetrate defensive perimeters, forcing the American soldiers and those of other nations to hastily retreat south in an attempt to survive the onslaught. Only to be led through a gauntlet of enemy soldiers where many soldiers did not make it through to safety.

Several decades later, we find that Ronnie had survived his own war in Vietnam and later married and had a son of his own, Michael. Both men come upon a footlocker that had been stashed in the attic and long forgotten in Mary's former home. Inside, they find a treasure trove of letters, pictures and other memorabilia that had been sent home from Bobby to his wife while fighting in the forgotten war. Their mother and grandmother had saved everything! Michael takes it upon himself to study the Korean conflict and battles, reading and re-reading his grandfather's letters in an attempt to trace his route through time. He was surprised to find so many similarities between his grandfather's letters home and the stories of others. He was finding that he could soon predict what the next letter might say.

Jeff does an excellent job taking the reader though a time machine, back and forth between current day and then moving back to spend some time with Bobby and his close friends in 1950 and 1951. The author also had a knack for knowing when to switch gears and move to a different time. In fact, it was something like this that caused me to stay up much later than I should have so I can go back in time and find out what happened next. Great job Jeffrey! War Remains is a highly recommended read; it's not only a war novel, but a story of love, hope and honor. Bobby made a promise to return home to his wife and family. Does he live up to it? Read the book and find out.”

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