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Harry Allen Mann

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Lieutenant Colonel H. Allen Mann, USAF (ret.), was an Air Force Navigator who “had two unforgettable flights in a Grumman Mallard, which inspired the Dan Sylvester Adventures.”  Harry Allen Mann is the author of Bluebird in Bodrum Bay: A Dan Sylvester Adventure; Bluebird in Paradise Cove: A Dan Sylvester Adventure; Bluebird in Ponta Delgada: A Dan Sylvester Adventure; The Locket; and, Pale Moon Rising.


According to the book description of Bluebird in Paradise Cove: A Dan Sylvester Adventure, “At the opening night of the Phantom of the Opera in Atlanta, Dan Sylvester, a ruggedly handsome pilot for Continental, impulsively quits his job to help shapely Macky Bergamo, a caterer he met at an AOPA Convention and dated twice, leave her abusive husband Juan, senior pilot for Delta. In Miami, Buster Krabbe, a 70yr old hayseed pilot with a Grumman Mallard he calls "Bluebird", offers Dan a partnership in his trash hauling business. "You fly'em. I book 'em. Split fifty-fifty and I buy the gas." A dream come true, Dan accepts. What follows is an action packed adventure involving Turk Robinson, mega-rich casino owner, Johnny, his scheming lawyer nephew and a raft of beautiful women and evil-doers, too many for Dan to keep up with, at times. Including Juan, always lurking in the shadows, a brilliant but sadistic pilot. Flying the Bluebird, and later a Brasilia 120, Dan finds trouble everywhere, Bermuda, Jamaica, Aruba, Bolivia with the highest airport in the world. Even Uruguay, where a stunning Asian interpreter betrays everyone, but for what purpose? Intrigue stalks every page. Murder, mayhem, sex and sinners. This one has it all, as Dan tries to catch the killers before they catch him.”


According to the book description of Bluebird in Bodrum Bay: A Dan Sylvester Adventure, “Dan and seventeen-year-old Noli agree to fly Alexis Maxwell, a former beauty queen, to Chios, her home island in Greece. There, the non-stop action begins as Dan and Noli find themselves inexorably dragged-at times, kicking and clawing-into the tumultuous land of Asia Minor-modern-day Turkey. The fishing boat captains aren't what they appear to be, and young girls are snatched from streets and spirited away to a former NATO command post that is a near impregnable underground fortress.


Turkey, is an exotic land filled with intrigue and ill-gotten pleasure, of belly dancers and crusader castles, of harem girls and eunuchs, turban men with slashing sabers. Discover lovely Leandra and Regina, and the Kesfin Brothers-Nazif, the talker, schemer, Hasan, the stoic giant, and Ahmet, the evil one, plotting Dan's demise. Throw in an assortment of colorful characters and many tense moments, along with an aerial showdown, and dive into an action-packed Dan Sylvester adventure thriller.”


According to the book description of The Locket, “Born in Thailand, two Amer-Asian children experience tragedy early in their lives. Bound for Singapore, their boat is attacked by pirates and they are cast at sea. Rescued by an army deserter desperate to restore his honor, they find themselves in the midst of the Cambodian Holocaust, needing help from a hardened young widow, a Khmer Rouge hunter and a pampered teenager. After a harrowing escape to a Thai refugee camp, the children are adopted by an American couple; and ten years later, in a startling conclusion, learn the strange truth about their identities hidden in a gold locket.”

Bluebird in Bodrum Bay: A Dan Sylvester Adventure
H. Allen Mann  More Info

Bluebird in Paradise Cove: A Dan Sylvester Adventure (Dan Sylvester Adventures)
H. Allen Mann  More Info

Bluebird in Ponta Delgada: A Dan Sylvester Adventure
H. Allen Mann  More Info

Pale Moon Rising
H. Allen Mann  More Info

The Locket
H. Allen Mann  More Info

According to the book description of Bluebird in Ponta Delgada: A Dan Sylvester Adventure, “Dan Sylvester, a former Continental Airlines pilot who now flies an amphibious plane he calls Bluebird, is in trouble again. This time with Penny Davies, a beautiful but baffling nurse—sometimes angel, sometimes devil—in the Azores, nine windswept Portuguese islands in mid-Atlantic. Hired as a pilot for a wealthy but ailing Don with three vineyards and two feuding sons, Dan tries to keep the winemaker's empire out of the hands of a cunning arms dealer with no scruples who seeks vengeance from his former partner for stealing money from him during WWII. Money they both earned smuggling guns in the Azores for the Allies.


With seductive women galore, all with questionable pasts, this fast-paced thriller is filled with romance, multi-level intrigue, daring aerial combat and a finale that will chill your bones.”


According to the book description of Pale Moon Rising, “Maggie Brown, a dark eyed, dark haired Georgia mountain girl, loses her parents at nine and thrust into an adult world with no more than her dolly. First with Ros, a prostitute, then her great aunt and uncle and their two rowdy sons. Escaping them, she waits table for a Russian émigré who hungers for her every Saturday night. Then, in a bizarre twist, Maggie enters the world of the incredibly wealthy where she fends off the Wilson Clan, scheming bankers and lusty rogues all. An inspiring Coming of Age Story you won’t want to end.”

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