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Harold A. Jacobs

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Lieutenant Colonel Harold A. Jacobs, USAF (ret.) “entire career was in the field of aviation. Though trained as a single engine pilot in the AAF class of 43-K, he and his entire class were assigned to multi-engine aircraft upon graduation. He first served as an instrument flight instructor, then as a four engine C-54 transport pilot in Casablanca, French Morocco, Cairo, Egypt, Karachi, India, Paris, France, and Rhein-Main Air Base, Frankfurt, Germany. He then flew B-29s and B-50s on long range reconnaissance missions. He also served as a reconnaissance operations officer at Wing and Command Headquarter levels. In 1955 he was honored to serve on the original U.S. Air Force Academy staff at Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado.


After 21 years active duty with the USAF he retired from the Air Force and then worked two years as an aircraft accident investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board. The next 15 years were spent as an FAA Air Carrier Operations Inspector (check-pilot) in the B-707s and DC-10s at Northwest Orient Airlines, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His flying experiences were varied and global as he amassed over 15,000 hours of flying time. Lieutenant Colonel Harold A. Jacobs is the author of Top Stick: With Some Help From a Guardian Angel.


According to the book description of Top Stick: With Some Help From a Guardian Angel, it is the “saga of a young American boy, reared in the U. S. heartland during the hard years of the 1930s. He was in his prime for entry into World War II, which just happened to coincide with his dream and vision of becoming an Army Air Force pilot.


His goal of winning silver wings was fulfilled, but his longing to fly in the war as a fighter pilot faded, as his career assignment made an abrupt change of direction. He slowly learned that his assignment of "flights to everywhere" could be very interesting and rewarding.


This is not a wide-ranging memoir, but a story with considerable distinction and information about the World War II period that may be new and surprising to many readers. Fasten your seat belts and delve into this fine story, told just the way it was, by this most lucky young man.”

Top Stick: With Some Help From A Guardian Angel
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One reader of Top Stick: With Some Help From a Guardian Angel said, “Being a former military pilot and having had most of the same experiences, once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down till I had finished the book. He did a great job of describing the trials and tribulations of an Aviation Cadet and the life of a military pilot after graduation. His use of words is excellent. I would recommend this book to any one with an interest in flying or is interested in experiencing what military pilots went through, in training and beyond, during WWII.”


One reader of Top Stick: With Some Help From a Guardian Angel said, “Harold Jacobs detailed chronology has taken me back over 50 years when I traversed the same rigid road as an Aviation Cadet toward the goal of obtaining Military Pilot's Wings. It is accomplished in superb journalistic fashion, with vivid and accurate accounts of his progression in becoming an Aviator. His descriptions of the various phases of his quest were so interesting, that I had difficulty in putting the book down. His experiences paralleled mine as an Aviation Cadet and eventually as an Air Force Pilot. Every word shows his enthusiasm and a deep love for the field of Aviation. I can equate to many thrilling in-flight incidents related in detailed, descriptive narrative. This book not only appeals to the military pilot, but also provides a gripping saga to an aviation enthusiast. Each page encouraged me to turn to the next in anticipation of subsequent events. I strongly recommend "Top Stick" to all levels of readers, as it is an inspiration to would-be aviators. "Top Stick" is top-notch reading.”

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